5 things about Puerto Plata Vacations that People Love

Many love Puerto Plata for their experiences there, and these five things are the most common reasons why;

  1. Wondrous beaches

It pretty much goes without stating, but this seaside region is blessed with the longest stretches involving unspoiled beaches within the Caribbean. The most commonly known of these may well be Playa Grande, just 15km east of Río San Juan. Continue reading “5 things about Puerto Plata Vacations that People Love” »

Sousa, Dominican Republic Travel Guide

The tiny village of Sousa, in the Dominican Republic, is wedged between two popular resort communities, Puerto Plata and Cabarete. Though somewhat overshadowed by its neighbors, Sousa is becoming more competitive in the tourist market and is attracting more visitors in the process. Continue reading “Sousa, Dominican Republic Travel Guide” »

Traveling through the Dominican Republic

Whether or not you have any problems traveling through the Dominican Republic depends to a large extent on whether you have reservations in a popular tourist destination or if your hotel is in a remote area of the country. The most convenient methods of transportation to use are shuttle flights from the airports within the country, taxis that can carry small or large numbers of passengers and public buses. Many visitors to the Dominican Republic choose to rent a car and drive themselves around. Continue reading “Traveling through the Dominican Republic” »