Monteverde Travel Attractions and tour guide

Enjoy the surroundings of being in a land of pleasures and thrills and visit the Costa Rica region in this part of the Caribbean. Experience the absolute delights of being in a lovely land of verdant stretches and greenest surroundings. Very famous for being linked with the Reserva Bilogica Bosque Nuboso, the Monteverde cloud forest reserve is a tiny paradise in this part of the world. Monteverde means a small village and this is a beautiful haven that is located near the entry point of the cloud forest. Continue reading “Monteverde Travel Attractions and tour guide” »

Fascinating Pleasures at the Arenal Volcano

Come to the Arenal Volcano one of the most popular regions in Costa Rica. Visit this ancient land and see how the past comes alive here. The views of the lava flows and the sight of the red hot boulders here that come out of the volcano glow in the dark. Eruptions are major attractions here and so you should be aware that even when the season is dry the clouds always seem to a permanently placed above the volcano. Continue reading “Fascinating Pleasures at the Arenal Volcano” »