Bermuda Beaches

If you are in for an unforgettable summer getaway where you will be transported to a paradise and not just conceived in your imaginations, then Bermuda beaches will give more meaning to that getaway. Beautiful is even an understatement to describe Bermuda beaches. Naturally, their sands are tinged with a subtle pink shade that tickles your feet as you go barefooted. Watching the sunrise will be an added treat. You will surely have a great vista where it is also a breathtaking haven for every photographer. Continue reading “Bermuda Beaches” »

Elbow Beach in Bermuda

Renowned as one of the finest resorts in this North Atlantic island, Elbow Beach in Bermuda dates back from 1908 and since then, it has undergone a lot of changes. Recently, most of their guest rooms have been renovated to have that whole new design. It is part of Mandarin Oriental Corporation who has a chain of properties all over the world in the same industry. Continue reading “Elbow Beach in Bermuda” »