Puerto Rico vacation experiences

Puerto Rico one of the most beautiful places on earth and indeed its treasure chest to be explored. Caribbean is a dream destination for most of people all over world and visiting Puerto Rico is complete package for Puerto Rico is island of Enchantment. Puerto Rico is jewel box of nature and even man made activities. Sharing with you, the list of exciting experience which you can do in Puerto Rico: Continue reading “Puerto Rico vacation experiences” »

Puerto Rico, a Veritable Paradise

Puerto Rico is a heady mixture of American efficiency and the relaxed Latin atmosphere. The heavenly locales, cosmopolitan population, cultural diversity and natural beauty make Puerto Rico one of the most loved island destinations in the world. Many consider Puerto Rico the star of the Caribbean. Literally meaning “rich harbor” or “rich port” Puerto Rico is indeed rich, with an abundance of heavenly beaches, exquisite natural beauty, illustrious history and above all, a pleasant and warm people. Continue reading “Puerto Rico, a Veritable Paradise” »