Jumby Bay Island Vacation

Incredible is one word which can describe this luxurious Jumby Bay. And island vacation destination which has pristine beaches and offers you privacy and seclusion such that you will find nowhere. Jumby Bay is a 300 acre private island, just two miles in north from Antigua. And its like a gem in sapphire water with coral reefs and island having tropical foliage in Caribbean Sea. Continue reading “Jumby Bay Island Vacation” »

Antigua Resorts

Welcome to the Antigua Resorts section. Here you will find information on Antigua and Barbuda Resorts. First a brief overview of this beach lovers island and then you will find a list of Antigua Resorts to discover the perfect Caribbean resort getaway!
Antigua has an intriguing coastline full of safe harbours. Add this to a nearly unbroken wall of coral makes it an ideal beach destination. In fact with 365 beaches you could spend an entire year here and enjoy a different stretch of white and pink sand beaches everyday. Among the most lively beaches are Dickenson Bay, Runaway and Pigeon’s Point. Fort Bay Beach is a great place to join a game of beach volleyball or cricket. Half Moon Bay, a national park, and Long Bay offer calm waters that many families enjoy. Continue reading “Antigua Resorts” »

All Inclusive Resorts in Antigua

Jolly Beach Resort and Spa
Jolly overlooks the luscious greenery and white sand beaches of the ethnic ancient island of Antigua Unlike anything you will experience, Right in the middle of the ocean the resort itself offers inclusive earthy suites that feels so organic and romantic, activities that everyone could enjoy and dining at its best not to mentioned relaxing soothing exotic spa that you and your love ones would definitely enjoy. For your great romantic and family escape visit Jolly Beach Resorts Continue reading “All Inclusive Resorts in Antigua” »