Sand, Sea & Sky Luxury Villas at Long Bay Estate

The Villas at Long Bay Estate, a sublime trio of hideaways on one of Anguilla’s most serene beaches, are set into a bluff that rises 70 feet above a half-mile expanse of white powdery sand.  The trio of villas – named Sand, Sea, and Sky – are each a mini-palazzo with four master bedrooms. One of them, Sea Villa, has an additional bedroom ideal for children, nannies or the private security detail.  Each villa is screened from its neighbors by gardens of hibiscus and bougainvillea, buttonwood and palm trees, and two acres of unspoiled greenery and a gated entryway create an air of seclusion and serenity. Continue reading “Sand, Sea & Sky Luxury Villas at Long Bay Estate” »

Cuisinart Resort and Spa

Cuisinart Resort and Spa is one of the best places to enjoy the typical dream vacation in the amazing Caribbean islands in the Anguilla. The place is so picturesque and beautiful that you will end up extending your stay here as you will fall in love with it. At resort you can enjoy luxury, nature, endless activities and get yourself well relaxed and rejuvenated at the spa. Continue reading “Cuisinart Resort and Spa” »

Cap Juluca Beach Resort

Cap Juluca is situated on the south west coastal area of Anguilla, part of the archipelago known as the British West Indies. It is one of Caribbean’s most luxurious resort hotels, and is an excellent base for a tropical holiday par excellence.

The resort property is located on a hundred and seventy nine peaceful acres. The area has palm trees swaying in the wind, with the white sandy beaches with pristine sands and crystal clear waters. Continue reading “Cap Juluca Beach Resort” »

Anguilla, a Tiny Piece of Paradise

Anguilla is a minuscule island which lies in the northeast tip of the Caribbean Sea. Anguilla is a British overseas territory and is one of the northernmost islands part of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. The island capital is The Valley. It is in the vicinity of St Martin ( which is to its south) and the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to its West. The isle has more than 30 beaches, and these are some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean and have pristine pure white sands and crystal clear azure waters. Continue reading “Anguilla, a Tiny Piece of Paradise” »