Barbados Resorts

Welcome to the Barbados Resorts section. This welcoming, authentic Caribbean experience awaits. You will find a number or Barbados resort reviews after a brief exploration of the island. Another small island, only 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, is packed full of excitment. During the day there are plenty of acitivities as well as art and history to enjoy. Once the sun sets the island comes alive with fantastic music ranging from calypso to reggae, nightlife and excellent restaurants. The people of Barbados are one of the main reasons why so many visitors keep coming back again and again. Barbadians, more commonly known as Bajans, are a warm hospitable people. They make you feel welcome and special by greeting you with a sincere smile. No wonder they inspired the phrase: “A little harder to get to. A whole lot harder to leave.” Continue reading “Barbados Resorts” »