Chenay Bay Beach Resort

Caribbean vacations are all about relaxation, recreation and rejuvenation.  When visiting the Chenay Bay Beach Resort, you will find yourself experiencing all three of these sensations as you observe the tranquil crashing of waves against the opaque white shore.   The St. Croix cottages are a mere walk away from the crystal blue sea and towering palm trees.  While sipping cocktails on the beachfront restaurant, you will experience the rhythmic sounds of the Caribbean. Continue reading “Chenay Bay Beach Resort” »

Hibiscus Beach Resort

Please come to The Hibiscus Beach Resort. It is a relaxing and casual hotel situated on the awesome Pelican Cove Beach, on the warm and sunny St Croix, America’s true paradise. Sitting among many beautiful native plants, Hibiscus Beach Resort has 38 spacious rooms in 6 Beachfront buildings, on a forever stretch of beautiful white soft sand beach with too many fabulous views. Continue reading “Hibiscus Beach Resort” »

Sugar Beach Resort

Those looking for the perfect getaway in the Virgin Islands of the United States of America should consider the Sugar Beach resort.  This peaceful oasis has a range of personal touches and a peaceful ambiance that can set anyone at ease.  The year-round sunshine, warm ocean air and tropical foliage add a mystical quality to the time that you will spend at the resort. Continue reading “Sugar Beach Resort” »

Carambola Beach Resort

St. Croix, surrounded by the gorgeous blue Caribbean sea and lush green mountains, is the ideal place for unwinding and relaxing.  The food and service are exception on this island.  Carambola, offering perhaps the Virgin Islands’ best value, provides the ultimate Caribbean beach experience. Continue reading “Carambola Beach Resort” »

Club St. Croix Beach & Tennis Resort

If you are in the mood for a relaxed yet roomy place to stay which caters to families like your own, then look no further than the Club St. Croix. With 54 units, all of which are suites, that sit on a gorgeous, endless beach, this resort offers all the amenities you are looking for. On top of all that, it’s a short trip to Christiansted. Continue reading “Club St. Croix Beach & Tennis Resort” »

The Buccaneer

When it comes to entertaining in the Caribbean the buccaneer Resort is no stranger to the business. In fact they are officially the longest running resort in the Caribbean and in the Virgin Islands! What is more the resort has been run by  several generations of the same family. You will not be let down with the combination of old world charm and modern amenities that are offered. The Buccaneer is a prized destination for Caribbean weddings, honeymoons, and family vacations.    Continue reading “The Buccaneer” »

Divi Carina Bay Resort

If you’re looking for that private oasis for vacationing within the US Virgin Islands, then you need to look no further than Divi Carina Bay Resort in St. Croix. Not only do you get that Caribbean vacation you have been dreaming about, but it delivers on all the modern amenities and comfortable and welcoming decor that you would desire upon arrival. No doubt you will have a spacious private balcony and a spectacular view. And, the dining accommodations are definitely five star offering you the best cuisine, including those romantic dinners you and your spouse or significant other are in search of during your getaway. Continue reading “Divi Carina Bay Resort” »

Tamarind Reef Resort

Whether you are a newcomer to vacationing in the Caribbean or an old hand, you should definitely check out the Tamarind Reef Resort with Spa and Marina in beautiful St. Croix. This resort is quite exclusive and exudes tranquility and is situated somewhere that closely resembles paradise! For most of us who live highly complicated and stressed lives, this resort is a true balm to anyone’s soul. Continue reading “Tamarind Reef Resort” »

The Palms At Pelican Grove

The Palms at Pelican Grove in St. Croix weaves comfort and elegance together to create a resort that visitors never want to leave. Located on an endless tropical beach, it flies the internationally renown Blue Flag. It was the first hotel in the Virgin Islands to be honored for offering the highest standards of environmental management, water quality, and safety for its guests. Continue reading “The Palms At Pelican Grove” »

The Colony Cove Beach Resort

St. Croix is a beautiful island in the U.S. Virgin Islands and this is the place to go if you want to experience something spectacular in the Caribbean. The Colony Cove Beach Resort is a small one but the amenities and the activities are similar to those in a much larger resort. Here you have exclusivity as well as great service. Continue reading “The Colony Cove Beach Resort” »

St Croix All-Inclusive Resorts

Saint Croix, is an island in the Caribbean.  It is a US virgin island, which means that it is considered owned by the United States.  The island is home to various ecosystems and makes for an ideal location for visitors looking to experience island life.  There are many options for accommodations on the island but the most popular, by far, is the all inclusive experience.

In St Criox all-inclusive resorts can be found on various parts on the island and choosing the one that best suits your needs can be daunting.  But here are some simple steps will help you choose the ST Croix all-inclusive resorts that are best for you and your travel companions. Continue reading “St Croix All-Inclusive Resorts” »