Travel destinations: Runaway Bay, Jamaica

The town of Runaway Bay is located on the northern coast of Jamaica in Saint Ann Parish. It is not as popular of a tourist destination as towns like Montego Bay, Negril, or Ocho Rios, but it is home to the world renowned Hedonism III nudist resort, but it is slowly building itself up to become one the premier areas to vacation at in Jamaica.

When Jamaica was first discovered by Christopher Columbus, Runaway Bay was the first part of the island that he saw. This area was also the site of the first Spanish settlement on the island, as well as the point of departure of the last Spaniards that left Jamaica after their defeat by the British.

Jamaica as a whole has changed a lot since the days of Christopher Columbus, with major development all around the island. This 10 mile stretch that makes up Runaway Bay however has not seen as extensive as the development as other areas of the island, so it is very possible to see the original beauty of this area of the island.

Runaway Bay

Getting to Runaway Bay
Traveling to Jamaica is relatively painless as there are many flights throughout the United Stated that fly nonstop into Montego Bay, which is the closest airport to Runaway Bay. The U.K. also has nonstop flights to Montego Bay flying out of London. Once on the island, most hotels have shuttle service to take you to your destination. The ride is roughly an hour and a half long, with most drivers stopping halfway through the ride for a 5 to 10 minute break to let passengers stretch, use the restroom, or get their first taste of Red Stripe. Rental cars are also available on the island, but not advised, especially for first time visitors to the island. Traffic can be very aggressive and road signs can sometimes be unclear. Taxis are also available.

Where to stay
There are several hotels to stay at while at Runaway Bay, most being all-inclusive. Breezes Runaway Bay all-inclusive resort offers affordable accommodations in a more mature atmosphere as guests must be 16 or older to stay on the premises, This Breezes Resort offers the basics that all-inclusive packages come with such as all food, drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), activities, and non-motorized water sports. There also is a dive shop on the resort.
Other hotels in the area include, Grand Lido Braco, Hedonism III, Franklyn D. Resort, FDR Pebbles, and Starfish Trelawny.

Bahia Principe Runaway Bay

Where to eat
Due to the fact that most hotels and resorts have several restaurants on their premises serving a variety of different types of dishes from Jamaican, to American to Italian, there may not be a need to dine anywhere other than your resort. But if the desire is to venture off, Aunt Mays Bluebird Restaurant and Pub comes highly recommended.

What to do
There are very few things to do in Runaway Bay other than resort activities, but visitors can take a trip to nearby Discovery Bay, and visit the Columbus Park Museum. Admission is free for this open-air museum, and it gives visitors a chance to learn and explore Jamaica’s past. It also overlooks and amazing view of the Discovery Bay Harbor.

Seville Great House in Heritage Park was built in 1745 by the British. It now contains artifacts from Amerindians and African slaves. Guests are treated to about 5 centuries of Jamaican history. Admission is $4.00.

A visit to Runaway Bay is a visit to paradise, so no matter when you go or where you stay, visitors will walk away with many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.