Things to do in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a prime romantic getaway destination, as well as an educational experience for the whole family.  This small Windward Island is home to some of the friendliest people on earth.  Pristine beaches, rainforests, mountains and volcanoes offer a tropical paradise for visitors.

St. Lucia


Helicopter Tours provide breathtaking views of the volcano and the beautiful rainforest canopies.  Windsurfing is a great way to enjoy refreshing water sports and there are areas for beginners available.  Chartered yachts will provide guests with relaxing and fascinating tours to small villages and some of St. Lucia’s finest hidden natural treasures.

Some of the most beautiful reefs are waiting to be discovered by both beginner and experienced scuba divers or snorkelers.  The crystal clear waters of St. Lucia showcase the abundant marine life. Water skiing is a fun past time and there are lessons available at most of the hotels for both beginner and experienced water-skiers.  Deep Sea Fishing offers visitors the opportunity to test their skills attempting to land the biggest marlin, sailfish or kingfish, depending on the season.

St. Lucia is home to three superb golf courses and lessons are available. Horses back riding tours are available which include a beach picnic and swimming.  All levels of riders are welcome. Fantastic duty-free shopping awaits guests on St. Lucia. Local produce and cuisine can be found at the Farmer’s Markets. Caribelle Batik Factory and Bagshaw’s silk-screening studios display one of a kind hand screened prints for purchase.

St. Lucia beach


St. Lucia is a place of conservation and abundant natural resources. There are beautiful sites to explore such as The Pitons, towering twin peaks that only the most adventurous climbers have attempted. Tours of the National Rainforest are a paradise of tropical fauna and a bird watchers dream.  Rare and indigenous species abound in one of the most incredible rainforests in the world.

The Sulphur Springs is an interesting experience. It is the only drive-in volcano in the world. Take a guided tour up Mt. Gimie and emerge to one of the most spectacular views the island has to offer.  Cool off after a hike under the refreshing mineral rich waters of Diamond Falls or meander along a relaxing waterfall trail in Latille Gardens, experiencing the fragrances and sights of tropical vegetation. Animal lovers will rejoice in the abundance of wildlife to be found in the nature reserves locates just off St. Lucia on Maria Island and Frigate Island. Maria Island is home to the Kouwes Snake, known as the rarest snake in the world.

Santiago, St. Lucia

Take a Southern Safari on St. Lucia and visit an authentic plantation or visit Mankote mangrove tower for bird watching and spectacular views.  Turtle watching is an awesome experience for families to enjoy seasonally from mid-March through July.


A variety of accommodations are available on St. Lucia, from luxury resort hotels, some all-inclusive, to small rental villas and guest houses.  Some island activities are included for the all- inclusive resorts, and all accommodations provide spectacular tropical views.

Sandals Grande St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a lush tropical haven that will provide guests with unforgettable memories. Romantic and educational for families, there is something to be found on the island for everyone.  From the fresh local produce (there are six different kinds of bananas), to the incredible natural wonders, St. Lucia is a place of splendor.