St Croix All-Inclusive Resorts

Saint Croix, is an island in the Caribbean.  It is a US virgin island, which means that it is considered owned by the United States.  The island is home to various ecosystems and makes for an ideal location for visitors looking to experience island life.  There are many options for accommodations on the island but the most popular, by far, is the all inclusive experience.

In St Criox all-inclusive resorts can be found on various parts on the island and choosing the one that best suits your needs can be daunting.  But here are some simple steps will help you choose the ST Croix all-inclusive resorts that are best for you and your travel companions.

Hibiscus Beach ResortAn all inclusive resort is a resort that includes that cost for food, beverages, accommodation and, at times, airfare into one price.  These resorts are popular because there is no need for the guests to bring any additional cash or credit cards with them to pay for meals and beverages.  Not having to carry any additional cash or credit cards brings piece of mind to many guests as they do not have to concern themselves with the possibility of misplacing their funds.

In St Croix All-Inclusive resorts focus on showcasing the beauty of the island.  St Croix is home to various ecosystems that exist in harmony throughout the island.  You can experience everything from an island paradise complete with white sand beaches, to a tropical forest with lush vegetation, to a dry desert range, all on the same island.

The all inclusive resorts on the west side of the island focus on the lush vegetation and palm trees of the region.  White sand beaches and the turquoise sea complete the picturesque setting.  The all inclusive accommodations on the east side of the island showcase the exotic desert ranges and the vegetation that exists there.  Both types of St Croix all-inclusive resorts focus on the unique aspects of the island.

Renaissance St Croix Carambola Beach Resort and SpaThese resorts not only focus on the beauty of the island, but they display the local foods and culture for the guests to enjoy.  The all inclusive resorts include the bountiful local fruit and vegetables into the cuisine and beverages that are served daily to the guests.  Traditional meals are included in the many selections of the buffets so that visitors to the island can become familiar with the local foods.  In addition to local foods, the culture of the island is also readily presented to the guests, for their enjoyment.  Many of the resorts also have cultural displays such as artwork or sculptures throughout the resort as well as nightly entertainment.

In St Criox all-inclusive resorts focus on the beauty and distinctiveness of the island.  If you are looking to experience a tropical forest wonderland, then the all inclusive accommodations on the west side of the island is for you.  But if you would like to experience the beauty of a desert range, the east side of the island is where you should explore.  The all inclusive resorts in St Croix provide an escape for the weary traveler.  They all allow the guests to step into a brand new world where they can experience all that the island has to offer.