Shark diving in the Bahamas

Shark diving can be an exhilarating experience, and is available in almost every part of the Bahamas. Imagine experiencing these interesting and sometimes fearsome creatures up close and personal, even swimming among them as they feed. There are many different diving centers to choose from that offer guided shark dives. Some of the shark dive centers require you to be a certified diver to participate in the shark dives, while others accept novices with no certification.

Stuart Cove’s Shark Adventures, Nassau Bahamas
Stuart Cove is the leading dive center in Nassau. Their shark adventure dive is a two-tank program in four locations, and Caribbean Reef Sharks are plentiful. Choose from a combined “Shark Wall” and “Arena” dive, or “Runway Wall” and “Runway”. Generally, the first dive is a free swim dive, with no food introduced, so a diver can experience the sharks in their natural wild state. The second dive is a baited dive, and the divers spend time on the sandy bottom of the ocean and watch as a professional shark feeder activates a bait box. This is a very up close and personal dive, as the sharks come very close in their controlled feeding environment. Divers who wish to have a more involved experience can take an assistant shark feeder course, don the chain mail suits and experience feeding the sharks themselves. Equipment included consists of a tank, weight belt and weights. Additional required equipment such as a full body wet suit can be rented on site.

Underwater Explorer’s Society (UNEXSO)
UNEXSO is located in Freeport, Grand Bahamas and welcomes novice and experienced divers. The shark dive at UNEXSO’s Shark Junction allows for an up-close view of Caribbean Reef Sharks, while the trained staff feeds them. They also offer a four-day program that instructs divers to feed the sharks. UNEXSO offers beautiful accommodations and is located near shopping opportunities.

Blackbeard Cruises
Blackbeard Cruises offer sail boat live-aboard scuba diving to Biminis, Grand Bahamas, Andros, Cay Sal Banks, Berries and Nassau. The Exumas Land and Sea Park is the Caribbean’s largest underwater sea park and divers are able to see a variety of sharks such as Caribbean Reef sharks, Tiger sharks, and nurse sharks. The reefs have varying depths, so novice to experienced divers can comfortably interact with marine life. Live-aboard dives have no set itinerary, but go where the best diving experiences are ensured based on weather conditions. Blackbeard cruises live-aboard dives are all inclusive, the only thing they do not include is personal gear and towels.

Incredible Adventures
Novices and experienced divers alike will have thrilling encounters with tiger sharks off the coast of West End, Grand Bahama on Tiger Beach. Dives are conducted in custom made dive cages offering fantastic photo opportunities. Because of the air system Incredible Adventures uses, called hookah style, divers do not need to be certified to embark on this awesome experience, but must supply their own mask and wet suit.
The Bahamas offer abundant opportunities to dive with sharks, and many different types of dives from shark feeding dives, to live-aboard dive excursions to cage diving, both novice and certified divers can experience the deep blue depths of the ocean and the magnificent sharks that call it home.