San Juan, Puerto Rico Family Vacation Ideas & Family-Friendly Resorts and Hotels

If your family has a case of the winter blues, take a vacation to sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. Though this tropical island is just 35 miles wide and 100 feet long, the capital city contains more than enough attractions to keep the whole family busy. Learn about the island’s rich history – from the native Taino to the Spanish colonials to modern day — or experience colorful Puerto Rican culture at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. This national museum holds more than 1,100 paintings, sculptures and works of art dating from the 1600s to today. And, of course, don’t forget those sunny, sandy Puerto Rican beaches. Several resorts offer family-friendly, inclusive packages. Continue reading “San Juan, Puerto Rico Family Vacation Ideas & Family-Friendly Resorts and Hotels” »

Scuba Diving at Mona Island

Among scuba divers, Puerto Rico is often overshadowed by the other islands of the Caribbean, such as the Bahamas, Bonaire or Grand Cayman. Yet Puerto Rico includes Mona Island, the gem of a chain of small islands known as “The Galapagos of the Caribbean” for their rich and diverse ecosystems on both land and sea. Both Mona and its neighbors are protected as a nature reserve, and Mona lies 50 miles from the west coast of Puerto Rico, two conditions that combine to ensure that Mona Island retains a relatively pristine underwater environment teeming with colorful corals and thick schools of tropical fish. Continue reading “Scuba Diving at Mona Island” »

Casinos in the Caribbean: Top 5 Destinations

For the majority of people traveling to the Caribbean their primary reason for going is to relax and enjoy the sunshine. However what many of these people may not know is it some of the best casinos in the world can be found there as well. Let’s take a look at some of the top casinos that are located in the Caribbean. Continue reading “Casinos in the Caribbean: Top 5 Destinations” »

5 Family Friendly Adventures in Puerto Rico

If your family vacation plans call for a little backpacking, you may want to consider a warm weather destination.  And if you don’t have passports all lined up, you should go get that done, but in the meantime try backpacking around the island of Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States.  What that means is hotly debated, but what’s important for travelers is that it does not require a passport to visit. Continue reading “5 Family Friendly Adventures in Puerto Rico” »

Travel destinations: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Located in the center of the west coast of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez is the island’s fifth largest city. The city has historic sites, architecture and attractions that rival those of San Juan and Ponce and is close to the Western Mountains for those who want to enjoy an exceptional outdoor experience. It is one of the prettiest mountain towns on Puerto Rico. Continue reading “Travel destinations: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico” »

Eating Out in Puerto Rico – A Dining Guide for Tourists

Puerto Rico is an enchanting island in the Caribbean. Surprising to some, Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. This means that citizens of the United States do not need a passport to visit the island. Puerto Rico has become a very popular destination for tourists and cruise ships. Reasons leading to the popularity among tourists include the friendliness of the locals, beautiful beaches, and delicious food. Continue reading “Eating Out in Puerto Rico – A Dining Guide for Tourists” »

A visitors’ guide to Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

If you find yourself on the southwest portion of Puerto Rico and are looking for a great place to visit, head on over to Cabo Rojo, the capital of tourism on that part of the island. Cabo Rojo is perhaps one of the best destinations for Puerto Rico all inclusive vacation to go to if you are looking for beaches to comb, waves to surf, or great restaurants to frequent. The 47,000 plus residents within the 75 square mile city are welcoming to the thousands of tourists each year and thrive on visitors as it has become part of the local culture to have them around. Continue reading “A visitors’ guide to Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico” »

The Caribbean’s most budget-friendly destinations

Although the Caribbean is the preferred paradise of the wealthy, having fun in the Caribbean sun doesn’t have to blow any traveller’s budget. Fortunately, the Caribbean also offers financially friendly flights and hotels, perfect for people short on savings who wish to escape stress and snow. Continue reading “The Caribbean’s most budget-friendly destinations” »

El Yunque National Forest

Situated on the United States island of Puerto Rico, the El Yunque National Forest was previously recognized as the Luquillo National Forest and the Caribbean National Forest. The second highest mountain peak in the forest is also the named El Yunque. It is the sole tropical rain forest in the whole of United States National Forest System. Continue reading “El Yunque National Forest” »

Puerto Rico All Inclusive Resorts and Vacations

Caribbean vacations are all the rage. Warm sun and sand in fabulous resorts are a dream come true for people all over the world. Puerto Rico all-inclusive resorts offer beaches, entertainment, and relaxation for families and couples. Here are four of the best that Puerto Rico has to offer. Continue reading “Puerto Rico All Inclusive Resorts and Vacations” »

Museums in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has scores of museums exhibiting everything from millennia-old Indian artifacts to 20th century modern art. The most prestigious collection of fine art in the Caribbean is yours to visit at the Ponce Museum of Art, where you can see the famous “Flaming June”, in addition to a large collection of Colonial period religious art. Continue reading “Museums in Puerto Rico” »

Tibes Ceremonial Park

A hurricane brought massive flooding to the Tibes section of Ponce in 1975 and unearthed remnants of indigenous cultures that had been hidden for centuries. Archaeologists soon uncovered the largest ceremonial center in the West Indies—one that was in use more than a thousand years before the birth of Christ. Ponce expropriated the 32-acre site and now this archeological gem is open to the public. Continue reading “Tibes Ceremonial Park” »

Porta Coeli

Located in the southwestern town of San Germán, Porta Coeli Museum is a tiny, dazzling gem of great architectural and historical value. Walk up its ancient staircase and look down on the plaza surrounded by centuries-old homes and you will catch a glimpse of Puerto Rico as it was in its earliest days. Continue reading “Porta Coeli” »