Varadero, Cuba – A Complete Destination

Varadero is a multifaceted destination in the Caribbean island of Cuba. Just the same as Cuba itself, Varadero has a huge number of sandy beaches, but this is not all. There are assortments of attractions other than the beaches.

The culture of the city is one of the most rewarding, as is the nightlife and dining options. The city has quite a few options for entertainment. There are a good number of sights related to nature and flora and fauna as well. Continue reading “Varadero, Cuba – A Complete Destination” »

Cuba Resorts

Welcome to the Cuba Resorts section of this site. This section is a little different from all the others. Since there are so many unique destinations to discover in Cuba each with their own resorts, activities and history. Not only will you get an overview of Cuba Resorts but you will find more in depth information on each of the destinations. Continue reading “Cuba Resorts” »

Cayo Coco, Cuba

Cayo Coco is located in the eastern lowlands of Cuba. It is one of the most beautiful locations in entire Cuba, which is indeed saying something, considering the huge number of exquisite locations that The Caribbean nation holds. The Caya Coco is a picture perfect island that is connected to the mainland via a causeway that extends twenty seven miles from the island to the mainland. Continue reading “Cayo Coco, Cuba” »

Old Havana – The Oldest City Founded By Europeans

Old Havana surrounds the heart of original Havana city and the positions of walls of original Havana city are contemporary precincts of Old Havana. It is basically a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site and the name refers to one of the Havana City’s municipalities, Cuba with final’s limits enlarging to west and south outside original city. Old Havana was originally established in the year 1519 by Spanish in natural harbour of Bay of Havana and it became one of the strongest points for treasure laden Spanish Galleons on crossing between Old World and New World. It became one of the major shipbuilding centers in the seventeenth century and was developed in neoclassic and baroque style. Continue reading “Old Havana – The Oldest City Founded By Europeans” »

Varadero Beach

Varadero has a history that can be best described as stuff for legend. Buccaneers, in ancient times, chose the sands of Varadero Beach as the hiding place for their plundered goods – chests of doubloons, galleons, and jewels. There is a cave here that is a remnant from that time, called The Pirate cave that now functions as a cave night club that has on display the chests and guns that are said to have belonged to the daredevil pirates. However, even legend will pale before the Varadero beach’s actual claim to fame, the pristine beach here, stretching for fourteen miles of luscious snow white sand, and with crystal clear and calm waters alongside. Continue reading “Varadero Beach” »

Varadero Cuba resorts

Varadero is the ideal destination to head to if you are a lover of pristine stretches of sand kissing crystal clear aquamarine waters. The Cuban beach resort has the best of what the Caribbean has on offer for beach lovers, plus a lot of aspects unique to Cuba that make the country such a rewarding destination. Make sure that you get a glimpse of the unique culture, music and lifestyle, plus taste some excellent cigars, while you are in this wonderful resort. Continue reading “Varadero Cuba resorts” »