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Clarissa Falls Resort

Situated alongside the beautiful Mopan River, on a family ranch, this resort provides guests with a peaceful stay in a natural setting. We recommend this location as an alternative to the more expensive resorts in Belize. Just

Mopan River Resort

Why would anyone want to stay anywhere else? Set in a lush garden, with the gently tripping Mopan River at its doorstep, and acres of wilderness on the remaining sides, the ten-acre manicured sanctuary that is Mopan

Windy Hill Resort

Jungle rivers, Maya ruins, gentle mountain breezes… Over the years, we have heard many good things about Windy Hill Resort in the Cayo District of western Belize. Located just west of San Ignacio, the resort rests on

Lamanai Outpost Lodge

No matter how you arrive at Lamanai Outpost Lodge, you will appreciate its unique, remote setting atop a hill overlooking the New River Lagoon. Situated in the Orange Walk District, northwest of Belize City, this lodge is

Luba Hati Hotel

When Europe and Belize meet in Placencia, the result is a delightful surprise for guests of Luba Hati. Owners Mariuccia Levoni and Franco Gentile have created a small hotel with Mediterranean sophistication that blends beautifully into the

Cayo Espanto

This idyllic piece of real estate is the brainchild of Jeff Gram, an American entrepreneur, and the result of six years of work. While the rates may push it right off the “must stay” list for most

Elvi’s Kitchen

No trip to San Pedro would be complete without eating at Elvi’s, a great little restaurant laid out under a spreading flamboyant tree. Not only are the food and ambience unique, but the story behind the place

Clarissa Falls Restaurant

Having frequently mentioned Clarissa Falls Resort, and the delicious food served there, we decided it was high time to do a column featuring the restaurant in its own right. Clarissa Falls has become our favourite San Ignacio

Fort Street Restaurant

As you seek out the Fort Street Restaurant in Belize City, you will first notice the lovely old colonial-style residence that houses the establishment. Surrounded by lush greenery, the manor has withstood the tests of time and

Best Restaurants in Belize

Belize District Chon Saan Palace Restaurant:This Chinese restaurant was established in 1974 in Belize City. Live seafood tanks will tempt you with lobster, shrimp and fish, and their extensive menu is sure to satisfy all tastes. Fort