Affordable Caribbean Paradise at Rex resorts

Your beach vacation doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and the Caribbean has become even more affordable thanks to some special promotions from Rex Resorts.  Situated on the shores of five beautiful islands, the seven properties of Rex Resorts offer guests a taste of Caribbean paradise at special promotional rates. Continue reading “Affordable Caribbean Paradise at Rex resorts” »

10 Reasons to Choose Barbados for a Beach Vacation

Deep in the Caribbean, the island of Barbados makes a wonderful spot for your next beach vacation.  Barbados is an independent nation, but since it functions as a constitutional monarchy recognizing Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.  It’s a delightful blend of casual island atmosphere tempered with a bit of good old British formality. Continue reading “10 Reasons to Choose Barbados for a Beach Vacation” »

The beaches of Barbados: The West Coast

Barbados is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, and, for those who visit, it isn’t hard to see why. The country enjoys a nice climate, not as uncomfortably humid as some of its neighbors, and moderated by sea breezes. There is political stability, low crime rates and good public infrastructure. For many visitors, however, one of Barbados’ main attraction are its many beautiful beaches. Continue reading “The beaches of Barbados: The West Coast” »

Fairmont Royal Pavilion

Fairmont Royal Pavilion is often referred to as the topmost resort in Barbados, as well as a landmark hotel in the island. This is saying something, considering the huge array of luxury hotels that the island has. The hotel stands out among hotels and resorts in the island. The hotel has a quality that makes almost everyone that stays here fall ion love with it. Continue reading “Fairmont Royal Pavilion” »

Fairmont Royal Pavilion – A Review

Fairmont Royal Pavilion is often referred to as the topmost resort in Barbados, as well as a landmark hotel in the island. This is saying something, considering the huge array of luxury hotels that the island has. The hotel stands out among hotels and resorts in the island. The hotel has a quality that makes almost everyone that stays here fall ion love with it. Continue reading “Fairmont Royal Pavilion – A Review” »

Visitor’s guide to Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown is the vibrant capital of one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean sea, Barbados. When it was discovered by the British it was a deserted island and all that was left by its former inhabitants, the Atawak Indians, was a single wooden bridge. Continue reading “Visitor’s guide to Bridgetown, Barbados” »

Sandy Lane Barbados

Just in case you are planning for a vacation in Barbados in the near future, look no further for a place to stay than Sandy Lane Resort. The beach resort is an uber luxury destination that has a whole range of facilities, amenities and services. All of these are custom made for the ultimate comfort, convenience and satisfaction of the guests. The delightful blend of hospitality along with privacy makes for a great experience for every guest. There are a number of excellent activities that will keep you busy. Continue reading “Sandy Lane Barbados” »

Crystal Cove Barbados

Crystal Cove Barbados is one of the highly recommended luxury hotels in the beautiful island of Barbados. This ranks high as an ideal place to stay for family vacations or even for a romantic honeymoon with friendly and helpful staff ready to provide you with the finest quality of service. A lot of tourists who had sample the brand of service of Crystal Cove Barbados are definitely impressed with the efficiency and conviviality that definitely ensured that their entire stay was spent in the lap of comfort and luxury. Continue reading “Crystal Cove Barbados” »

Caribbean honeymoon destinations

There are not many destinations on earth that seem to be tailor made for honeymooners, but the Caribbean is certainly one of them.

With some heavenly landscapes, picture perfect beaches with pristine white sands and crystal clear waters, the all year round sun, the deep forests, the varied island cultures, there is no dearth of quality in Caribbean honeymoon destinations. Continue reading “Caribbean honeymoon destinations” »

Sandy Lane Resort Barbados

Finding all of the relaxation you want on a vacation can be hard. However, if you know about the Sandy Lane Resort Barbados you will quickly locate the best location to stay at and know you can enjoy yourself more then what you ever imagined. The issue is some people do not know why they should stay at this location and avoid staying here. Continue reading “Sandy Lane Resort Barbados” »

Barbados Resorts

Welcome to the Barbados Resorts section. This welcoming, authentic Caribbean experience awaits. You will find a number or Barbados resort reviews after a brief exploration of the island. Another small island, only 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, is packed full of excitment. During the day there are plenty of acitivities as well as art and history to enjoy. Once the sun sets the island comes alive with fantastic music ranging from calypso to reggae, nightlife and excellent restaurants. The people of Barbados are one of the main reasons why so many visitors keep coming back again and again. Barbadians, more commonly known as Bajans, are a warm hospitable people. They make you feel welcome and special by greeting you with a sincere smile. No wonder they inspired the phrase: “A little harder to get to. A whole lot harder to leave.” Continue reading “Barbados Resorts” »

Crane Beach, Barbados

Crane Beach has been described as one of the most beautiful spots in the world. The beach sits on the south east coast of Barbados Islands in the Caribbean, and it is easy to see why it so loved. The sight of the heavenly snow white sands glistening in the sun, with the aquamarine waves of the Caribbean splashing on the shores is nothing less that a psychedelic experience. The waves here are moderate, but sometimes can get choppy. Continue reading “Crane Beach, Barbados” »

Bougainvillea Beach resort

The Bougainvillea is a beautiful flower that is common to the landscape at Barbados. The Bougainvillea Beach Resort is named after the flower, and has a good number of similarities in beauty with it. The Ocean front resort has only suites, and is a modern accommodation option in the Caribbean. The resort here is contemporary in design, and there are elements that bring to mind Mediterranean style in the various locations within the resort. Continue reading “Bougainvillea Beach resort” »

Barbados, Pearl of the Caribbean

Often described as the “Pearl of the Caribbean, Barbados is located at the eastern-most end of the Caribbean Sea. Barbados, unlike other nearby islands is not volcanically formed, but is in actuality a huge coral reef which dates back to more than one million years from now. Quite befitting the nickname ‘the real fantasy island’ the pristine beaches are the highlight of Barbados’ attributes. The Sun shines more than 335 days a year on Barbados, and innumerous travelers come here from North America and Europe when the freezing winter months leave no option but to search out a sanctuary. Continue reading “Barbados, Pearl of the Caribbean” »

Best Caribbean islands to party

The Caribbean, with its well developed tourist infrastructure as well as culture, is among the top most travel destinations in the world. There are close to millions of travelers that come here in on a yearly basis. These regions are the most popular in the winter, when it is cold in the Americas and Europe. The Caribbean region has close to 50 destinations unique in themselves. The attractions held by the islands in the Caribbean are several; many visit the islands for the beaches, the natural beauty, the unique island lifestyle as well as the exciting nightlife. Continue reading “Best Caribbean islands to party” »