Casinos in the Caribbean: Top 5 Destinations

For the majority of people traveling to the Caribbean their primary reason for going is to relax and enjoy the sunshine. However what many of these people may not know is it some of the best casinos in the world can be found there as well. Let’s take a look at some of the top casinos that are located in the Caribbean. Continue reading “Casinos in the Caribbean: Top 5 Destinations” »

Top 3 Beaches in the Abacos, Bahamas– Enjoy a Perfect Getaway in the Abacos, Northeastern Bahamas

Mention The Bahamas, and most people think of Nassau or Freeport. These two cities are the most popular destinations in The Bahamas. Unless you are an avid fisherman or a boating enthusiast, chances are you haven’t heard of Marsh Habour. Located in The Abacos, the cluster of islands in the northeastern part of The Bahamas, Marsh Harbour is the third largest town in The Bahamas. If you were visiting The Abacos, your first stop would be either Marsh Harbour or Treasure Cay. Its close proximity to Florida (about 200 miles east of Palm Beach), its protected waters, picture perfect beaches and excellent boating facilities are the reasons why The Abacos is the most popular Out Island, favored by pleasure boaters and anglers alike. Continue reading “Top 3 Beaches in the Abacos, Bahamas– Enjoy a Perfect Getaway in the Abacos, Northeastern Bahamas” »

Shark diving in the Bahamas

Shark diving can be an exhilarating experience, and is available in almost every part of the Bahamas. Imagine experiencing these interesting and sometimes fearsome creatures up close and personal, even swimming among them as they feed. There are many different diving centers to choose from that offer guided shark dives. Some of the shark dive centers require you to be a certified diver to participate in the shark dives, while others accept novices with no certification. Continue reading “Shark diving in the Bahamas” »

Best Bahamas Vacations: Freeport or Nassau

Which is the best place in the Bahamas to vacation? Freeport or Nassau? I have to say, I am torn which one to pick. They both had their share of exquisite experiences. If I really had to choose, I would select Freeport, because it was more authentic and culture-laden. (My eight day vacation included three nights in Freeport, a local flight to Nassau, one night on Paradise Island in Nassau, and four nights in Nassau itself.) Continue reading “Best Bahamas Vacations: Freeport or Nassau” »

Caribbean honeymoon destinations

There are not many destinations on earth that seem to be tailor made for honeymooners, but the Caribbean is certainly one of them.

With some heavenly landscapes, picture perfect beaches with pristine white sands and crystal clear waters, the all year round sun, the deep forests, the varied island cultures, there is no dearth of quality in Caribbean honeymoon destinations. Continue reading “Caribbean honeymoon destinations” »

Bahamas Beaches

There are several attractions and fun to do in the Bahamas, on the other hand the rationale of this island, which is why it attracts a huge number of tourists each year, is its enticing beaches. These white sandy beaches of The Bahamas are considered to be the perfect place for diving into the entire of the fun activities along with the members of your family or else your partner. As a result, now pack your bags since the Bahamas beaches are calling you. Continue reading “Bahamas Beaches” »

Bahamas All-Inclusive Resorts

The Bahamas is a great vacation destination and the many Bahamas all-inclusive resorts can make vacation planning easier and less stressful.  These all-inclusive resorts will provide all or most of the fees and charges for accommodations, drinks, meals, land sports, water sports, night life, and even children’s activities if the resort is open to children.

Something for travelers to be aware of though, is that some Bahamas all-inclusive resorts take a few liberties with their promotional literature and when they use the term “all-inclusive” it may not mean what the traveler thinks it means. Continue reading “Bahamas All-Inclusive Resorts” »

Bahamas Resorts

Welcome to the Bahamas Resorts section. With so many islands and cays to discover this section is a little longer then most. At the end of the page you will find a list of some of the Bahamas resorts to visit. The Bahamas is an archipelago formed by approximately 700 coral formed islands and cays of which only about 30 of them are inhabited. These islands and cays cover more then 100,000 square miles of aquamarine and turquoise waters. Almost all of these islands and cays are circled with either pink or white sand beaches. The waters are so clear you can easily see coral and fish from above. The worlds third largest barrier reef stretches through these waters. The sheltered anchorages and seas are ideal for boating. Continue reading “Bahamas Resorts” »

All Inclusive Resorts in Bahamas

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
Tourist is drawn at Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort in Bahamas because of the islands temperate climate clean white beaches and UN crowded re creation areas. Great escape for romantic get a ways and family escapades, Sheraton created services and fun facilities for the whole family to enjoy from over size swimming pools for kids and infinity pool for couples, recreation activities from indoor sport to water sports and entertainment at its best. For resorts packages and rates you can visit their website Continue reading “All Inclusive Resorts in Bahamas” »

All Inclusive Bahamas Vacations

Bahamas is islands where lots of us go to spend their holidays and vacation for getting pleasure of many activities. Number of recreational things can be seen there and tourist can take the variety of water games like snorkeling and water surfing. You can plan to go there with our all inclusive vacation packages to Bahamas where every and each kind of activities can be celebrated by you and your family. If you desire to take a drive in private flying, you don’t need to irritate only if you chose our all inclusive bahamas vacation. All the things whatever which are available there for entertaining purpose, you can get that kind of entertainment. You can stay in Nassau which is the city near by Bahamas. Continue reading “All Inclusive Bahamas Vacations” »

Pink Sands Bahamas

Located on Harbour Island in Bahamas, Pink Sands Resort has 25 bungalows all painted pink, to be precise candy pink. The resort spreads around 20 acres. When visiting Bahamas, the Pink Sands Bahamas Resorts becomes the automatic choice for many as accommodations here are fantastic. Unrivalled amenities and facilities coupled with best in quality, comfort and customer satisfaction makes this resort really special. Continue reading “Pink Sands Bahamas” »

Bahamas water sports

Do you love performing a dive in the water? Or Are you a great fan of kayaking? If yes, then head to the Bahamas – the paradise of all the possible water sports. In short, if you have never been to Bahamas and are seeking some great thrilling water sports, do visit this time to this Caribbean destination. Since many years, Bahamas have attracted thousands of thrill seekers and the secret behind this is its vast and pristine greenish blue waters making the area a perfect marine field for authentic water sports. Continue reading “Bahamas water sports” »

Atlantis Bahamas Resort

If you’re planning the dream vacation into the amazing islands of the Bahamas, then you’d probably want to be in a place where you can take pleasure in the beautiful white sand beaches of the islands as well as be able to explore, relax, have fun and do other startling things. If you’re seeking luxurious pleasures while being in an island, then Atlantis Bahamas is what you’re looking for.

Discover the various mysteries of Atlantis on the Paradise Island of the Bahamas. Continue reading “Atlantis Bahamas Resort” »

Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze is located in Eleuthera, a long slender tranquil island in the Bahamas. It features astonishing number and variety of untouched beaches and pleasant assortment of vibrant peaceful villages. If you’re the type who wants be in the Bahamas but wants to get away from the bustling Nassau or Freeport with huge hotels, casinos and cruise ship crowds, or the marinas of the Abacos attracting yachting scene from Florida, then Eleuthera will be the perfect place for you, it will seem the world away.

The Bahama Breeze’s location can allow you those long quiet strolls for miles on a dazzling pink sand beach and just be alone with your thoughts. You may also take pleasure in the contentment of stunning snorkeling off of the beach which is just at the doorstep of Bahama Breeze villas. A nearby wonderful beach which is well-known for surfing can be another exploration for you, or other remote beaches hiding amongst the cliffs for some best bone and sport fishing. Other attractions you may find includes caves and caverns to explore, striking seaside cliffs, and the Glass Window Bridge where the island sits with the deep green restless Atlantic on one side and the shallow, placid turquoise Caribbean on the other broadened towards their never-ending horizons. Continue reading “Bahama Breeze” »

Bahamas Paradise Island

Without a doubt, the Bahamas is worldly famous for its spectacular beaches and exotic scattered cays. When the word is flashed on televisions or seen on magazines, Freeport and Nassau usually associate the island’s name. These islands are certainly exciting to explore yet not everyone knows there is still a vast to discover.

Factually, there are 698 more cays and islands surrounding. This other groups of masses are dubbed as Family Islands. Vacationers who seek for pristine and unspoiled beauty will find it here. They contain the most unexplored beaches, cays, and caves that allow for magnificent sailing, fishing and scuba diving. Inhabitants of the Bahamas paradise island are recognized for their friendliness and warmth. Continue reading “Bahamas Paradise Island” »

Bahamas holidays – Dive Dive and Dive

Bahamas islands are home to some of the most rewarding dive sites in the Caribbean, if not the world. There are a good number of sites here that can be dived in by most skill and experience levels. Wreck diving is the prominent aspect of Bahamas holidays, as the waters around the island is filled with an array of wrecks, there are a number of actual ships as well as a fair number of artificial scuttled ship dive sites. The plethora of wreck dives make for an adventurous and challenging dive experience. Seeing the marine life inhabiting the insides of the ships is a heavenly experience. Bahamas Holidays are the best way to appreciate the Diving here. Continue reading “Bahamas holidays – Dive Dive and Dive” »

Bahamas Honeymoon Packages

A vacation in the Caribbean is an experience that is incomparable, so why not celebrate the best moments of your life here. A Bahamas honeymoon will take your relationship to new heights.

There is no better place to get married and spend a honeymoon in. There are a huge number of top class resorts and hotels here that have a good range of amenities and facilities on offer. There are some excellent honey moon packages offered as well. Continue reading “Bahamas Honeymoon Packages” »