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Shark diving in the Bahamas

Shark diving can be an exhilarating experience, and is available in almost every part of the Bahamas. Imagine experiencing these interesting and sometimes fearsome creatures up close and personal, even swimming among them as they feed. There

Bahamas Beaches

There are several attractions and fun to do in the Bahamas, on the other hand the rationale of this island, which is why it attracts a huge number of tourists each year, is its enticing beaches. These

Bahamas All-Inclusive Resorts

The Bahamas is a great vacation destination and the many Bahamas all-inclusive resorts can make vacation planning easier and less stressful.  These all-inclusive resorts will provide all or most of the fees and charges for accommodations, drinks,

Pink Sands Bahamas

Located on Harbour Island in Bahamas, Pink Sands Resort has 25 bungalows all painted pink, to be precise candy pink. The resort spreads around 20 acres. When visiting Bahamas, the Pink Sands Bahamas Resorts becomes the automatic

Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze is located in Eleuthera, a long slender tranquil island in the Bahamas. It features astonishing number and variety of untouched beaches and pleasant assortment of vibrant peaceful villages. If you’re the type who wants be

Bahamas Paradise Island

Without a doubt, the Bahamas is worldly famous for its spectacular beaches and exotic scattered cays. When the word is flashed on televisions or seen on magazines, Freeport and Nassau usually associate the island’s name. These islands