Affordable Caribbean Paradise at Rex resorts

Your beach vacation doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and the Caribbean has become even more affordable thanks to some special promotions from Rex Resorts.  Situated on the shores of five beautiful islands, the seven properties of Rex Resorts offer guests a taste of Caribbean paradise at special promotional rates. Continue reading “Affordable Caribbean Paradise at Rex resorts” »

4 Top Antigua Child Friendly Resorts – Traveling with children to Antigua

Traveling with children can be challenging at times. You have to be certain that the hotel resort that you choose has plenty for your children to do. Antigua has quite a few child friendly resorts. There is nothing worse than traveling with children who complain that they are bored. You have to make sure that wherever you may choose to stay that it makes traveling with children a breeze. Continue reading “4 Top Antigua Child Friendly Resorts – Traveling with children to Antigua” »

Enjoy an All Inclusive Luxury Holiday in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has an enduring charm that’s unlikely to fade as long as travellers want soft white sands, calm emerald seas, consistently hot sunshine and some of the most fantastic food and drink on the planet. If it’s the ultimate in luxury you’re looking for, we’d suggest two islands as ideal retreats – St Barths and Antigua. Continue reading “Enjoy an All Inclusive Luxury Holiday in the Caribbean” »

Hotels Under $200 Per Night in Antigua

Small locally owned hotels, off-beach locations and special deals mean more travelers can take vacations this spring and summer in the Caribbean.

Thought a tropical vacation was out of reach this year because of your budget? Think again as many hotels lower their rates and offer special deals to attract more visitors. Continue reading “Hotels Under $200 Per Night in Antigua” »

Destination guides: Great Bird Island, Antigua

Perfectly embodying the dream image of a tropical paradise, Great Bird Island is one of Antigua’s numerous offshore islets, situated 3 kilometers North-East of the mainland. Although privately owned (by a British businessman), the 20 acres islet is open to the public and visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year who come here for various reasons: the rich fauna and flora, the bright and colorful coral reef barrier surrounding the island and the tropical fish species living in the turquoise waters that caress its sandy white beaches, the quietness of this secluded heaven and the dramatic landscapes. Continue reading “Destination guides: Great Bird Island, Antigua” »

Jumby Bay Island Vacation

Incredible is one word which can describe this luxurious Jumby Bay. And island vacation destination which has pristine beaches and offers you privacy and seclusion such that you will find nowhere. Jumby Bay is a 300 acre private island, just two miles in north from Antigua. And its like a gem in sapphire water with coral reefs and island having tropical foliage in Caribbean Sea. Continue reading “Jumby Bay Island Vacation” »

Antigua Resorts

Welcome to the Antigua Resorts section. Here you will find information on Antigua and Barbuda Resorts. First a brief overview of this beach lovers island and then you will find a list of Antigua Resorts to discover the perfect Caribbean resort getaway!
Antigua has an intriguing coastline full of safe harbours. Add this to a nearly unbroken wall of coral makes it an ideal beach destination. In fact with 365 beaches you could spend an entire year here and enjoy a different stretch of white and pink sand beaches everyday. Among the most lively beaches are Dickenson Bay, Runaway and Pigeon’s Point. Fort Bay Beach is a great place to join a game of beach volleyball or cricket. Half Moon Bay, a national park, and Long Bay offer calm waters that many families enjoy. Continue reading “Antigua Resorts” »

All Inclusive Resorts in Antigua

Jolly Beach Resort and Spa
Jolly overlooks the luscious greenery and white sand beaches of the ethnic ancient island of Antigua Unlike anything you will experience, Right in the middle of the ocean the resort itself offers inclusive earthy suites that feels so organic and romantic, activities that everyone could enjoy and dining at its best not to mentioned relaxing soothing exotic spa that you and your love ones would definitely enjoy. For your great romantic and family escape visit Jolly Beach Resorts Continue reading “All Inclusive Resorts in Antigua” »

Curtain Bluff Resort, Antigua

Curtain Bluff is a hotel that has assumed legendary proportions in Antigua, if not the whole of the Caribbean. The resort is a premium accommodation option in the tropical island of Antigua in the Caribbean islands. It has a reputation that has to be envied, and is popular with travelers from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Continue reading “Curtain Bluff Resort, Antigua” »

Curtain Bluff Resort

Curtain Bluff is a hotel that has assumed legendary proportions in Antigua, if not the whole of the Caribbean. The resort is a premium accommodation option in the tropical island of Antigua in the Caribbean islands. It has a reputation that has to be envied, and is popular with travelers from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Continue reading “Curtain Bluff Resort” »

Hermitage Bay Antigua

Welcome to the most serene hotel in Antigua where the resort includes all kinds of facilities for honey mooners and tourists. It is located on a hill that overlooks a bay and provides a scenic get away. This resort which is small and elegant offers a serene and a perfect hideaway. It was opened in December 2006 and it covers ten lushly landscaped acres on a private 1200 foot beach. It’s stylish.

The lobby has dark wooden floors, black wicker furniture and wooden walls. Kids are allowed only in August.

The private beach is only a ten minute walk downhill along a sidewalk that goes zigzagging to reach the sand. The rooms are on the hill so it promises a great scenic view with a lot of sunlight. Continue reading “Hermitage Bay Antigua” »

Carlisle Bay Antigua

Carlisle Bay Antigua is a hotel that is incomparably situated right at the beach. The hotel is one that could give the best resorts in the Caribbean Island a run for their money. The hotel stands out among hotels and resorts in the Caribbean for the remarkable brand of hospitality that is offered. The décor here is understated and not at a gaudy. There are a great number of excellent facilities and amenities available.

Carlisle Bay Antigua is the epitome of luxury and opulence. The Antiguan resort has a stylish European flair that fits seamlessly into the whole colonial ambience in Antigua a well. The bay that the resort is located in is picture perfect in its beauty, and has some of the best views available. Continue reading “Carlisle Bay Antigua” »

Sandals Grande Antigua Resort

Sandals Grande Antigua has consistently, almost mechanically been at the receiving end of the “World’s most Romantic Resort” title for fourteen years. Certainly, the setting is one of the most romantic in the Caribbean, with one of Antigua’s most beautiful beaches located at the doorstep. Sandals Grande Antigua is located at a pristine beach at Dickenson Bay. It is just a fifteen minute drive from the airport.

The resort is surrounded amid the lush tropical gardens. The hotel is famous for offering two holidays at the price of one, in the way that it has the Caribbean Grove located amidst the tropical gardens, as well as the Mediterranean Village, which is an all suite building that over looks the ocean, with some exquisite vistas on offer. Continue reading “Sandals Grande Antigua Resort” »

Jolly Beach Resort Antigua

A top resort hotel in the island of Antigua, the Jolly beach resort Antigua is incomparably located at the Jolly beach. The forty acres of area that the hotel area encompasses is offset by the exquisite expanse of the beach here. The Jolly Beach resort Antigua is located on the St Mary’s Parish on the west coast of Antigua. It takes close to thirty five min from the airport.

There is an eight thousand sq ft pool at Jolly Beach resort Antigua. There are a huge number of recreational activities on offer. The hotel entertainment staff is on duty all through the day and provides activities such as pool aerobics, water polo, volleyball and other sports such as water sports, tennis and basketball. There are a huge number of things to do here. Continue reading “Jolly Beach Resort Antigua” »