Places to see in Tobago

Come to the beautiful Caribbeans and enjoy the pleasures of a great land filled with the best of travel experiences. Visits to this part of the world are always filled with an air of excitement, adventure, and relaxation. With the best kind of natural ambience, tours to Tobago in the Caribbeans are sure to enthrall the visitor and fill it with a great sense of delightful experiences and beautiful memories.

Come to this heavenly travel destination and take back with you a valuable travel kitty. While you are in Tobago, there are innumerable places you could visit and many destinations you could enjoy. Visit the Tobago museum in the Barrack Guard House of Fort King George and marvel at the interesting display of the historical items of Tobago here alongwith many Amerindian artifacts. There are many military relics too along with documents and maps of a colonial period. The museum is a fascination for all tourists and is open from Monday to Friday between nine in the morning to five in the evening.

Tobago beaches

Then you have the Mt. Irvine where you have the Kimme Museum, which is a place where you get to see the gallery of the sculptor Luise Kimme from Germany. There is an extensive display of his works here and Luise Kimme is a person who has contributed greatly to Tobago and has made the region a part of her works. With pieces showing young girls, graceful dancers and mothers with children the place is filled with a kind of historical ambience that is best experienced to be felt. Sundays are the days you could come here and that too with appointment.

Then you have a folk theater here, which is a formal kind in Tobago. With dance and local drama alongwith indigenous songs, this play house is specially made for the locals and the visitors. The Itsy Bitsy Play House as it is called this is a small heritage museum and is a part of the Play House and a great attraction for all who come here.

Then you have the Couronian Monument in Plymouth. This is a beautiful construction that represents ‘freedom’ and honors those who had settled here early and who actually was from Courtland. Today Courland is known by the name of Latvia. The monument was built by a national artist and designed by him. It was in the year 1976 that the monument was unveiled when the courlanders who were in exile came from various parts of the world.

Then you have Gun Bridge, which was initially built to accommodate a vehicle at a time. Gun Bridge then was broken and widened sometime in the 1950s. It is said that four cannons were taken out from fort King George and kept at the two ends of the bridge. Two in the north and two in the south. The barrels of the nineteenth century are found here embedded in the concrete and stone sides and they come across as good decorative guard rails.

Then there is the Mystery Tombstone, which is situated in the Plymouth village and has always left the visitor in absolute disbelief. An inscription here has totally perplexed anyone who has come to this part of the world.

Visit the Witch’s Grave in golden Lane and enjoy the legend behind this place. It is said that there was an African witch who came flying to Tobago many years back. Then it is said she could not go back because she had salt.

Then you have the Arnos Vale Waterwheel and Nature Park, which is today the best preserved waterwheel park in this part of Tobago and is also the main source of power to a factory for sugar nearby. There is something very intriguing about the park and it is a great place to go on walking trails. There is a theatre as well as an outdoor restaurant here, which provides great pleasures of travel and comfort.

The Sugar Mill at the Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel is another place to visit on tours here. This was the main power centre of sugar worksite at the Old Grange Estate. This is a construction of the 18th century and its utility got over when the sugar industry closed down in the year 1887. Today it is a centerpiece of the restaurant at the Mount Irvine Bay Hotel.

Tobago thus offers you many more places like the Speyside Watewheel, the governor’s house, St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Richmond village, the House of Assembly, the Buccoo Reef and many such destinations to visit. Come here and enjoy the lovely surroundings along with many memorable experiences.