Pink Sands Bahamas

Located on Harbour Island in Bahamas, Pink Sands Resort has 25 bungalows all painted pink, to be precise candy pink. The resort spreads around 20 acres. When visiting Bahamas, the Pink Sands Bahamas Resorts becomes the automatic choice for many as accommodations here are fantastic. Unrivalled amenities and facilities coupled with best in quality, comfort and customer satisfaction makes this resort really special.

Pink Sands Beach Harbour Island

Every beach in the world has its own character, has its own stories and ambience that makes it special for any traveler to reside and feel the ambience for a while. Pink Sands Resort speaks highly of the above mentioned qualities it possesses, and perhaps the charm it endorses with the color pink makes it a tad more special than the rest. Quality is never compromised in this resort. It’s an ultimate getaway where you could expect more with undeterred services.

The resort is flocked by many travelers that have made it their second home based on the frequency of their visits. Tranquility and peace could be bought easily and businessmen could come here and make a decision regarding their upcoming business venture in the most relaxed manner. Services within and around the resort, as previously mentioned, is of the highest quality.