Pine Cay Turks and Caicos

Everyone dreams of those secluded Caribbean islands tucked away somewhere between the cobalt sea and the blue sky, a place out of time and away from the hustle of life. Pine Cay Turks and Caicos islands is just that: a two-mile stretch of perfect beach in a crystal ocean, seemingly untouched by the worries of the world. A privately owned island occupied by just 36 homeowners and a small resort, it is the perfect place for a dream getaways in a place that would seem impossible to find for most. Continue reading “Pine Cay Turks and Caicos” »

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort is the premier resort on the island of St. Lucia, and perhaps the entire Caribbean. The self contained “village” consists of two and three bedroom villas and one bedroom suites integrated into the hillside overlooking Labrolette Bay. Continue reading “Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort” »

Affordable Tortola Luxury at Frenchman’s Cay Resort

Frenchmans Lookout and Frenchmans Paradise in Tortola, now offer the ultimate in villa flexibility. The two properties with 360 degree sweeping views of the Caribbean sea and British Virgin Islands, can be booked together or separately and offer families and friends a choice of size and price. Continue reading “Affordable Tortola Luxury at Frenchman’s Cay Resort” »

Affordable Caribbean Paradise at Rex resorts

Your beach vacation doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and the Caribbean has become even more affordable thanks to some special promotions from Rex Resorts.  Situated on the shores of five beautiful islands, the seven properties of Rex Resorts offer guests a taste of Caribbean paradise at special promotional rates. Continue reading “Affordable Caribbean Paradise at Rex resorts” »

10 Reasons to Choose Barbados for a Beach Vacation

Deep in the Caribbean, the island of Barbados makes a wonderful spot for your next beach vacation.  Barbados is an independent nation, but since it functions as a constitutional monarchy recognizing Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.  It’s a delightful blend of casual island atmosphere tempered with a bit of good old British formality. Continue reading “10 Reasons to Choose Barbados for a Beach Vacation” »

Beaching It on Saint Maarten & Sint Martin

The dual island nation of Saint Maarten (Dutch) and Sint Martin (French) is a popular island stop as a cruise ship port of call or for Caribbean lovers looking for cheap beach holidays.  Like many of the Caribbean islands, this one is said to have been discovered by Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the new world. In the mid 1600’s the island was divided up among the French and Dutch settlers, and in a lesson the world could take to heart, they have lived peacefully side-by-side ever since.  Continue reading “Beaching It on Saint Maarten & Sint Martin” »

5 Family Friendly Adventures in Puerto Rico

If your family vacation plans call for a little backpacking, you may want to consider a warm weather destination.  And if you don’t have passports all lined up, you should go get that done, but in the meantime try backpacking around the island of Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States.  What that means is hotly debated, but what’s important for travelers is that it does not require a passport to visit. Continue reading “5 Family Friendly Adventures in Puerto Rico” »

Caribbean Family Travel: popular destinations for families

One thing you can really say about the Caribbean is that it is a very popular destination for families. That’s because a Caribbean family travel usually means more fun and features in an all-inclusive resort. Family packages may typically offer the following: Continue reading “Caribbean Family Travel: popular destinations for families” »

Sand, Sea & Sky Luxury Villas at Long Bay Estate

The Villas at Long Bay Estate, a sublime trio of hideaways on one of Anguilla’s most serene beaches, are set into a bluff that rises 70 feet above a half-mile expanse of white powdery sand.  The trio of villas – named Sand, Sea, and Sky – are each a mini-palazzo with four master bedrooms. One of them, Sea Villa, has an additional bedroom ideal for children, nannies or the private security detail.  Each villa is screened from its neighbors by gardens of hibiscus and bougainvillea, buttonwood and palm trees, and two acres of unspoiled greenery and a gated entryway create an air of seclusion and serenity. Continue reading “Sand, Sea & Sky Luxury Villas at Long Bay Estate” »

Top 3 Beaches in the Abacos, Bahamas– Enjoy a Perfect Getaway in the Abacos, Northeastern Bahamas

Mention The Bahamas, and most people think of Nassau or Freeport. These two cities are the most popular destinations in The Bahamas. Unless you are an avid fisherman or a boating enthusiast, chances are you haven’t heard of Marsh Habour. Located in The Abacos, the cluster of islands in the northeastern part of The Bahamas, Marsh Harbour is the third largest town in The Bahamas. If you were visiting The Abacos, your first stop would be either Marsh Harbour or Treasure Cay. Its close proximity to Florida (about 200 miles east of Palm Beach), its protected waters, picture perfect beaches and excellent boating facilities are the reasons why The Abacos is the most popular Out Island, favored by pleasure boaters and anglers alike. Continue reading “Top 3 Beaches in the Abacos, Bahamas– Enjoy a Perfect Getaway in the Abacos, Northeastern Bahamas” »

Things to do in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a prime romantic getaway destination, as well as an educational experience for the whole family.  This small Windward Island is home to some of the friendliest people on earth.  Pristine beaches, rainforests, mountains and volcanoes offer a tropical paradise for visitors. Continue reading “Things to do in St. Lucia” »

5 things about Puerto Plata Vacations that People Love

Many love Puerto Plata for their experiences there, and these five things are the most common reasons why;

  1. Wondrous beaches

It pretty much goes without stating, but this seaside region is blessed with the longest stretches involving unspoiled beaches within the Caribbean. The most commonly known of these may well be Playa Grande, just 15km east of Río San Juan. Continue reading “5 things about Puerto Plata Vacations that People Love” »

Travel destinations: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Located in the center of the west coast of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez is the island’s fifth largest city. The city has historic sites, architecture and attractions that rival those of San Juan and Ponce and is close to the Western Mountains for those who want to enjoy an exceptional outdoor experience. It is one of the prettiest mountain towns on Puerto Rico. Continue reading “Travel destinations: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico” »

4 Top Antigua Child Friendly Resorts – Traveling with children to Antigua

Traveling with children can be challenging at times. You have to be certain that the hotel resort that you choose has plenty for your children to do. Antigua has quite a few child friendly resorts. There is nothing worse than traveling with children who complain that they are bored. You have to make sure that wherever you may choose to stay that it makes traveling with children a breeze. Continue reading “4 Top Antigua Child Friendly Resorts – Traveling with children to Antigua” »

Enjoy an All Inclusive Luxury Holiday in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has an enduring charm that’s unlikely to fade as long as travellers want soft white sands, calm emerald seas, consistently hot sunshine and some of the most fantastic food and drink on the planet. If it’s the ultimate in luxury you’re looking for, we’d suggest two islands as ideal retreats – St Barths and Antigua. Continue reading “Enjoy an All Inclusive Luxury Holiday in the Caribbean” »

Experience St. Kitts Vacations like No Other

St. Kitts is located in the Eastern Caribbean about 1600 miles south of New York City and 4000 miles from London, so as you can see it is as close as your own backyard…almost that is! St. Kitts is a rather small island encompassing 69 square miles and a population of 31,880. The capital of St. Kitts is Basseterre. Agriculture and tourism provide the economic infrastructure for this small uncrowded and unspoiled Caribbean island. Intoxicating natural beauty, entertainment and relaxation are the epitomy of St Kitts. Continue reading “Experience St. Kitts Vacations like No Other” »

Summer Travel Guide: U.S. Virgin Islands on a Budget

Visiting the U.S. Virgin Island on a budget is probably a dream of mine and yours. The U.S. Virgin Islands gives you the feel of the Bahamas without the hefty price. U.S. visitors can enjoy being protected under the United Stated laws, but enjoy the pleasant warmth and comfort of another country. This beautiful land is full of diversity and breath taking scenery. Here is a summer travel guide to the U.S. Virgin Islands on a budget: Continue reading “Summer Travel Guide: U.S. Virgin Islands on a Budget” »

Hotels Under $200 Per Night in Antigua

Small locally owned hotels, off-beach locations and special deals mean more travelers can take vacations this spring and summer in the Caribbean.

Thought a tropical vacation was out of reach this year because of your budget? Think again as many hotels lower their rates and offer special deals to attract more visitors. Continue reading “Hotels Under $200 Per Night in Antigua” »

Couples Tower Isle Resort, Jamaica – A Review

A review of this fabulous and friendly boutique resort for couples (no singles or kids!): Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica
Couples Resorts offers a wonderful location in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, called Couples Tower Isle (formerly Couples Ocho Rios). This spectacular beach hotel is small compared to other Jamaican resorts like Sandals or Beaches, but the attention to detail and the wonderful staff makes this our favorite place to go in Jamaica, every time! Continue reading “Couples Tower Isle Resort, Jamaica – A Review” »

3 Top Resorts in Dominica: a Review

The Caribbean island of Dominica is twenty-nine miles long and sixteen miles wide. Approximately 73,000 people make this island their home. Its natural beauty lends itself to hiking, and its waters are as equally inviting as its lands. Resorts here aren’t the type you would find on many of the other Caribbean islands, and once you are in Dominica you will probably decide that is a positive. Here are the top resorts in Dominica. Continue reading “3 Top Resorts in Dominica: a Review” »

Eating Out in Puerto Rico – A Dining Guide for Tourists

Puerto Rico is an enchanting island in the Caribbean. Surprising to some, Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. This means that citizens of the United States do not need a passport to visit the island. Puerto Rico has become a very popular destination for tourists and cruise ships. Reasons leading to the popularity among tourists include the friendliness of the locals, beautiful beaches, and delicious food. Continue reading “Eating Out in Puerto Rico – A Dining Guide for Tourists” »