Monteverde Travel Attractions and tour guide

Enjoy the surroundings of being in a land of pleasures and thrills and visit the Costa Rica region in this part of the Caribbean. Experience the absolute delights of being in a lovely land of verdant stretches and greenest surroundings. Very famous for being linked with the Reserva Bilogica Bosque Nuboso, the Monteverde cloud forest reserve is a tiny paradise in this part of the world. Monteverde means a small village and this is a beautiful haven that is located near the entry point of the cloud forest. Monteverde means “Green Mountain” and was founded by the Quaker community which has migrated from the northern part of America to the region of Costa Rica sometime in the fifties. This village has developed to cater many tourists who come visiting this part of land.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

When one comes to this land the simplicity of the place is a charming experience and here you can actually feel the beauty of the surroundings seep into your psyche. The weather is quite cold and misty and has the pleasures of being in a village ambience. Come here to the Tilaran Mountain Range and bring some warm clothes and also a light jacket to keep yourself warm. This is the perfect destination for all tourists who want a little bit of adventure in their beautiful expeditions to this part of the land. Monteverde has a lovely community that makes some of the best Costa Rica cheese and it is the main attraction in tours to this part of the world.

Tilaran Mountain Range

Bird lovers come here to the village and have the bet of bird watching opportunities. This cloud forest is a great paradise and so if you want you can see the best kind of avifauna which is the main attraction in this part of the world. If you want to have the best tourist experiences come here and enjoy the bird sights here and also the women’s co-operative centre and the local craft zones besides of course the Hummingbird Gallery and the butterfly garden which are a great tourist delight here.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Santa Elena is another lovely tourist destination that is found near Monteverde. This small village gives you a great feeling of relaxation and rejuvenates your tired soul. The landscape here is totally enchanting and the sights here are very mesmerizing.

The climate here is variable and beautiful gradient lands help to give a greatly heterogeneous collection of creatures which are very much a part of tours here. The rapids and the waterfalls, the pools and the gorges are all a great sight for the eyes. The swamps and the luscious greenery which so much make up the park sights provide the best tour experiences.

Santa Elena

So get to see the ocelot, jaguar, the Baird’s tapir, bare necked umbrella bird and also the three watttled bellbird and get into the pleasures of this elusive secluded paradise.

The Quakers used to live here in the early fifties and they left their Alabama homes during this time and reached this pristine land of Monteverde. This was the time the region was settling down, and the Quakers did not want to be part of the Koran War and thus established their life in Monteverde and started the production of cheese and dairy production. Some of the families then helped Monteverde to grow into a beautiful land and the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserves took birth some years later.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Cloud Forest

Getting to the Monteverde reserve is not difficult as there are buses which leave the Banco Nacional in the region of Santa Elena early in the morning. Otherwise you can always take a taxi and reach this lovely zone of pleasurable attractions.

Then you can always hike in the region of Monteverde as it provides ideal trekking trails. The tracks here are very comfortable for the feet and you can just bask in the pleasures of being in the most adventurous experiences you could ever have had. Enjoy the beautiful ambience here in the land of Monteverde and come back with the greatest tour delights.

Monteverde is a lovely land of thrilling escapades in this part of Costa Rica. Come here and enjoy the lovely experience.