Jamaica Vacations and Travel Destinations

When you watch closely on travel channels on cable television and review websites, there are many mix reviews about Jamaica. Most people will often consider some of the points on those reviews before deciding to take on the vacation. As the third largest island in the Caribbean parts, Jamaica offers a lot when it comes to tourist destinations. 2.8 Million People inhabit the island. Mix culture is abundant in Jamaica since most of its population came from all over the world. Religion is one of the highlights of the island and one of the most sought after tourist spot is the St. James parish, which is found in Montego Bay.

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There has been numerous occasion of violence and small wars recorded in the island. We all know that everywhere in the world there is violence and if Jamaica is so filled with it then why are there still people inhabiting it and not migrating to other countries. Always remember that the media can sometimes blow things out of proportion. In my personal experience of Jamaica, the people there are friendly, warm and the loving kind, far from the image being pictured in articles and news media. You just have to know which parts to visit are safe and far from, the violent rated ones.

The entire island is almost paradise and it is fitting that it has a lot of entertainment to offer for everyone including the tourist. One of the popular entertainment hubs found in the island is the Sandals resorts. There are seven Sandals Resorts in total that can be found all over the island. Sandals Royal Caribbean, Sandals Inn and Sandals Grande Ocho Rios are amongst the popular ones to check out. The entire resorts are filled with clubs, hotels and a whole lot of party going on. You would think twice of going anywhere once the party starts in these resorts.

Another known “all inclusive” resort in the Jamaica is Beaches Boscobel Resort. Another one is a golf resort called Golf Club Family all-inclusive resort. Golf games can be played even as you are not a full pledge members, the entire family can have lots of fun. The place is packed with kids oriented entertainment parks and is also equip with the latest day care and nurseries, which you can rent. There are so many activities too for teenagers and young adults so you will not have to worry about the kids while you relax in the sun.

Bob Marley the well-known god and king of Reggae music have a very grand museum in Jamaica. It is primarily located at the capital of Jamaica and there are many tours that offer services through it. There are many things to do in this museum such as photo ups, gift shops, informative tours and very fine dining in exotic restaurants located all around the area.

Jamaica also boasts of great botanical forests and gardens, which includes a gigantic zoo. The Hope Zoo and the Hope Garden is amongst the best ones to visit. Also apart from zoos, Jamaica has great reefs to dive on to and some of the most beautiful site for stingray watching. The top place to check out is Stingray City, which is just a few kilometers away from Ocho Rios Sandals resort. I know many folks are traumatized by the stingray since they caused the death of Australian Steve Erwin but in contrary stingrays are very gentle and very warm loving creatures. You can never go wrong with swimming with them when you are in Jamaica. I have included some informative links for you to check out the places to visit in Jamaica, enjoy your trip there as I did.