Grand Turk

Grand Turk is the capital of Turks and Caicos and the financial center of the islands. It has the second largest population of around 3,720 people. Grand Turk is one of the main historical points of Turks and Caicos. You will find many old buildings and ruins along with The Turks and Caicos National Museum. Grand Turk’s main attraction is diving, with many dive operators and schools it can cater for novice snorkels to experienced divers. The major income for the island is dive orientated tourism. There is an outstanding protected coral reef which has clear and calm waters.

Grand Turk mapCockburn Town is the administrative capital and the historic and cultural center of the islands. It is strongly reputed to be the landfall island of Columbus during his discovery of the New World in 1442.

The town itself is well suited for a walking tour. Duke and Font Streets are lined with historic 18th and 19th century landmarks that reflect the Bermudan style architecture of the salt era. Two of these buildings are now popular inns, another in the governor’s residence, other government offices, the public library, churches and private residence and fraternities.

At the Turks an Caicos National Museum you will find a central exhibit that tells the story of the Molasses Reef Wreck, the oldest European shipwreck discovered in the Western Hemisphere (dated around 1505). It also discloses the rich cultural and natural diversity of the islands. Other historic sites include the Lighthouse, Fire hill and the Hawks Nest Anchorage.

Grand Turk is an island of friendly smiles, rich with remnants of the old Caribbean. The Turks and Caicos Islands are located at the end of the Bahama chain, just north of Hispanola, only a 1 1/2 hour flight from Miami. Grand Turk offers the dive traveler a collection of small hotels and inns featuring personalized service and convenience.

Sea Eye’s Reservations office will help you choose the right package to fit your interests, needs and budget. They can also arrange your flights between the islands. A great dive vacation starts from the moment you arrive with diving and snorkeling at your doorstep. The pristine Grand Turk reef wall lies just off the west shore, on the leeward side of Turks Island. It is home to a wide array of marine life offering you unforgettable underwater adventures and making your holiday on Grand Turk one you will long remember.

Many scholars believe that Grand Turk was the site of Columbus’s first landfall in 1492. They maintain he set foot on the western shores of the island late on the day of October 12. The native Arawaks were here to welcome him to their island of “Guanahani,” although they were later to pay a terrible price for that hospitality, because they were sold into slavery in the Caribbean.