Granada Nicaragua Vs You

Yes, it is a combat of will, patience, and emotions vs. beauty, ambience and surroundings. What else could be said about a place which is the largest in Central America and has the most popular tourist destinations? So just pack your bags and live comfortably in this land of the Carribbeans and explore to your heart’s content. This is one Caribbean beauty you wouldn’t want to miss surely.

Mombacho Cigars are a great attraction for all those who come to Nicaragua and obviously Granada. One shouldn’t miss this tour as this gives a detail of how cigar is made and what it is that makes the cigar tick in this part of the world.

The next in the attraction list in Granada Nicaragua is the Nicaragua Mia Spanish School. A group of professional women handle the students in this school and they have a 13 year relation with the institution. Spanish is the second language here and the teachers are professional but friendly and have a complete knowledge of the political, social and the cultural side of this land of Nicaragua. There are various levels to learn and the classes are on all time. If you wish you could join too. There are intense course, business courses and also courses for the travelers who come here. There are also special courses for the professional teachers and the interested students. This is a great place to visit as it fills our head with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm to learn a new language.

Granada, Nicaragua

If you are in Granada Nicaragua, then you should surely head to the museum for Chocolates and Cacao which has been built here recently. With the great detail of the history of cacao and how it is manufactured, the details about chocolates would bring water in your mouth. The chocolate factory here is also a part of the tour that is offered to all the tourists here. They get a thorough experience of how these things are made and manufactured.

At Granada Nicaragua, you have a school for sailing and kayaking. It is a beautiful place and there are tours for kayaking and sailing. The Ships are the main attraction here .This place situated around seven kilometers from Granada, gives sailing lessons to all and also takes you on a sail on the Lake Granada Nicaragua. Kayaking is the most exciting activity for the more adventurous and they just enjoy the thrill and adventure associated with this sport.

Who wouldn’t want to go on a vacation and enjoy the health benefits of a spa or a health center in the tourist spot? There is a health centre called PURE which has a gym, a yoga centre and also a health spa. There is a colonial touch to this place and the gardens here completely allow you to relax. The garden is built in Asian style and the fact that the spa and massage centre are available at cheap prices attracts a lot of tourists.

There are many more places to see. Above mentioned are some of the places in Granada Nicaragua.