Experience St. Kitts Vacations like No Other

St. Kitts is located in the Eastern Caribbean about 1600 miles south of New York City and 4000 miles from London, so as you can see it is as close as your own backyard…almost that is! St. Kitts is a rather small island encompassing 69 square miles and a population of 31,880. The capital of St. Kitts is Basseterre. Agriculture and tourism provide the economic infrastructure for this small uncrowded and unspoiled Caribbean island. Intoxicating natural beauty, entertainment and relaxation are the epitomy of St Kitts.

Spotted in 1493 by Christopher Columbus when it was inhabited by native tribes, it wasn’t til 1623 that St. Kitts was colonized by the British. St. Kitts’ ideal location and reliance on the sugar trade prompted it to gain rapid attention and notable popularity back in the day. It has since continued to urbanize and develop however at a much slower pace than many of the other Caribbean islands. This is a good thing as being characterized as unspoiled and uncrowded and as an excellent preservation of the ecosystem constitutes an ever increasing popularity to vacationers and environmentalists as well.

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St. Kitts remains a popular cruise destination for many of the cruise ship empires. It is also easily accessible by air with many flights arriving via Puerto Rico on a 45 minute rubber band airplane flight.

Nature lovers will simply fall in love with St. Kitts! Tours through lush tropical rain forests and secluded lagoons as well as exploring unique lava formations that gave St. Kitts its birth. In fact, Liamuiga meaning “fertile land” is the name given to the largest central peak rising up 3,792 feet above sea level and was once the volcano that created St.Kitts. Liamuiga is now a dormant volcano. This volcanic earth has created an abundance of fertile soils that provide numerous agricultural products like sugar cane.

If dining is a popular choice in you decision to visit or cross off your list of choices then St. Kitts will definitely not be removed from your list. Restaurants ranging from expensive fine dining at renovated plantation houses to middle of the road city restaurants, casual beach and roadside barbecue style eateries can be found. Not only is North American, Latin American, European, African and Asian food available but authentic “Kitterian” foods and beverages will satisfy the palate as well. Traditional foods like Conch Chowder, Goat water, Grouper with sweet potato sauce, Lobster with passion fruit butter sauce, Conkie, Roti and Souse can be found as well as the islands own rum called Brinley Gold.

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Water activities are sure to raise an eye brow even to the most skeptical tourist. Numerous scuba and snorkeling dive spots can be explored either from shore or by boat. Crystal clear turquoise Caribbean water allows you to see at depths of 100′ or more through the naked eye is amazing. Combine this with the ability to catch a glimpse at the many corals making up the lagoons and reefs housing a myriad of wildlife is mystifying.

Other water activities include boating, sailing, deep sea fishing and charters, swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing and catamaran sailing. You will be hard pressed not to find something enjoyable on the water.

Then their are those who prefer to stay on land which is fine also. Bird watching, golf, tennis, shopping in duty free shops, relaxing on the golden sandy beaches or residing poolside with drink in one hand and book in the other.

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Historical sites can also be witnessed. With over 200 historical sites on this small island, some dating as far back as the 17Th century will allow you minds to wander back in time to a more simple, yet uniquely different lifestyle.

You won’t be disappointed trying to find that special place to stay while your vacationing on St. Kitts either. Guest houses, resorts and Inns, Plantation Inns, spacious and eloquent condominiums, Villas and apartment homes are available depending on your style and price point. Each one is distinctively different and uniquely Caribbean.

Certain events take place through out the course of the year. National Arts Festival, St. Kitts Music Fest and Carnival and St. Kitts Tourism month all offer a different aspect of the culture of St Kitts. You may want to check out the events in advance to help you to select the best time to visit this lovely island.

St. Kitts remains an excellent choice for a perfect vacation destination for all these reasons listed above. On top of these comes the hospitality, service and amenities which in my book remain…PRICELESS!