Dominican Republic Resorts

What is better than spending your vacation in the Caribbean? Of course, being there and spending less. The Dominican Republic has become one of the most-visited places in the Caribbean. The numerous all-inclusive Dominican Republic resorts have been the major crowd-drawers. The country’s economy has increased with the development in its tourism industry.

There are hundreds of Dominican Republic resorts scattered everywhere on this part of the island of Hispaniola. Choosing the best one would depend on what particular activities you wish to indulge in. It is also necessary to know the different parts of the country to understand what each has to offer. For example, the east coast is famous for its long stretch of white sand beaches. Punta Cana is the eastern tip’s resort area. The Dominican Republic resorts here are mostly famous to those who are traveling with their families. Breezes Punta Cana is a family-oriented resort offering such fun activities like trapeze, wall-climbing, and ice-skating on a synthetic surface.

The Dominican Republic resorts in the north coast will provide tourists a great venue for popular water sport activities like surfing, boogie boarding, and kite surfing. This part of the country’s coastline is characterized by choppier waters than the other parts. The Cabarete town is a world-class site for kite boarding. Puerto Plata, which is located west of the north coast, is home to a large group of Dominican Republic resorts, most of which are popular “brands”. The Victoria Golf and Beach Resort caters to all kinds of tourists. From golfers, to executives, to honeymooners – this resort will give them all forms of recreational activities without ruining its objective of providing pure tranquility to its guests.

Dominican Republic, Cabarete Beach

Dominican Republic, Cabarete Beach

The country’s capital city, Santo Domingo, is the famous location of the world’s first cathedral, monastery, university, and hospital. It is also proud of its share of Dominican Republic resorts which include the elegant Casa de Ocampo. This lavish accommodation option is proud of its exceptional amenities and great pampering services. This is a golfer’s paradise as it the location of three golf championship courses.

One of the well-known Dominican Republic resorts in Santo Domingo is the Casa Bonita. It is considered as one of the Caribbean’s best kept secret. It is uniquely located high on a hill offering a great view of the breathtaking ocean 50 meters below. This place promises a different kind of vacation experience.

Whichever part of the country you wish to go to, you’ll sure to find the perfect accommodations among the various Dominican Republic resorts available. The structure, services, and amenities of each one may vary from one another, but they are all driven by one objective – to give you the best vacation you have ever experienced.