Delicious Drinks to order on Beach Vacations

When you are getting ready to embark on a relaxing beach vacation, it is going to be a good idea to learn all about the different options that you can pick from when it comes to beach drinks from your favorite all-inclusive resort. Just in case you are not going to be off to a beach resort, yet you still want to get in on some seriously delicious fruity drinks, these are some recipes that you can use at home to feel as though you have been transported somewhere tropical!

Cape Codder

This is a great drink that brings together vodka and cranberry juice. Originally, Ocean Spray started to promote using their cranberry juice as a mixer to pair with rum or Canadian whiskey, which fell flat. However, the Cape Codder drink named after the famous peninsula in Massachusetts where cranberries thrive became a huge hit. There are a number of variations, including the Cosmopolitan, which is a trendy martini hybrid.

Moscow Mule

This is a delicious cocktail that is made using spicy ginger beer, vodka and lime juice with a lime slice or wedge as a garnish. This is a kind of buck, so it is sometimes called a vodka buck. Invented in 1941 by a man named John G. Martin, who was a spirits and food distributor. The drink is usually served up in a copper mug, in which this vessel for drinking is attributable to Martin, who went all around the country selling Smirnoff vodka to help popularize the Moscow Mule.

Martin had asked the bartenders to pose with the signature copper mug along with a bottle of the Smirnoff vodka and he snapped a picture. He would take two photos, leaving the bartender one to put on display. The other picture would be placed in a collection as proof for the next bar that Martin visited to show the popularity of the drink. The copper mug is still the popular Moscow Mule serving vessel to this day.

Moscow Mule


The idea of drinking pink has just now started to catch on stateside, but you will find that a glass of dry Rosé that is nice and chilled has long been served in many French seaside cafes along with langoustines and fish soup. The Rosé is generally made by taking the skins off of red grapes after they are crushed, and it is thought to be the less serious sister to red or white whine. This makes it the ideal beachside drink in Saint Tropez.

Gin And Tonic

Gin was first blended with tonic as a way to offset the bitter taste for the British, who had been occupying India at the time. It was often used as an anti-malarial. Brits ended up taking a fancy to this crisp combination, adding a nice wedge of lime. It went on to become the mainstay in the tropics even after the empire had fallen. This is the perfect drink for sipping on the beach at sunset.