Cuisinart Resort and Spa

Cuisinart Resort and Spa is one of the best places to enjoy the typical dream vacation in the amazing Caribbean islands in the Anguilla. The place is so picturesque and beautiful that you will end up extending your stay here as you will fall in love with it. At resort you can enjoy luxury, nature, endless activities and get yourself well relaxed and rejuvenated at the spa.

Suites and Guestrooms:

All the ninety three guest rooms have amazing view of the sea. All the rooms and suites are air conditioned are well designed with plush interiors. There is Junior suite, and many Luxury suites which are beachfront villas. One bed room suites are available along with two bedroom suites. Choose suites which have their own private terrace, or if on romantic holiday then outdoor shower will be awesome. All the accommodations are such that it is perfect for the dream Caribbean island vacation.

Cuisinart Resort and Spa

Cuisinart Resort and Spa has amazing spa where you can completely unwind relax, and let spa people take away from you all the stress. Avail for best of beauty treatments, get facials done or body massages and just relax in the aromatherapy provided.

Other than relaxing at your suites you can also lounge out on the beach which is pristine clean. You can take swim in the swimming pool at the resort. And If you are looking some adventure then this right resort to be cause here you can windsurf, sail, snorkel, go deep sea fishing. At resort there are tennis, croquet and bocce courts available. There is plenty to do in Cuisinart Resort and Spa.

Cuisinart Resort and Spa

Cuisinart Resort and Spa has two main restaurants Santorini and the other is Café Mediterraneo. The food that is served is excellent, and you can even take cooking classes from Executive Chef’s.

Cuisinart Resort and Spa has hydroponic farm and that is the place from where the vegetables and the fresh herbs come that will spice your food you will be eating here. Vegetables grown include tomatoes, cucumber, arugula, peppers, lettuce, string beans and the herbs as well. The dishes prepared in the restaurant uses products from the farm.

Cuisinart Resort and Spa has many vacations packages available including their spa treatments, breakfast, dinners, and depending on the season that is winter, spring, summer, their rates vary and packages can be chosen as per the number of people, days you want to stay and what activities you might be liking to do.

Cuisinart Resort and Spa  beach

Cuisinart Resort and Spa

P.O. Box 2000,

Rendezvous Bay,


British West Indies,

Contact Number: 264-498-2000

Have the most amazing vacations and getaway at the Cuisinart Resort and Spa.