Crane Beach, Barbados

Crane Beach has been described as one of the most beautiful spots in the world. The beach sits on the south east coast of Barbados Islands in the Caribbean, and it is easy to see why it so loved. The sight of the heavenly snow white sands glistening in the sun, with the aquamarine waves of the Caribbean splashing on the shores is nothing less that a psychedelic experience. The waves here are moderate, but sometimes can get choppy.

There are a number of cliff’s standing in the backdrop, and a huge number of palm trees swaying in the wind. The Crane Beach Hotel overlooks the beach. The beach has easy access, and there are a huge number of facilities for the visitors. This is inclusive of parking.

Crane beach is among the world’s most beautiful beaches, but it is not so secluded as it could have been. There is a personality to this beach that can rarely be found in beaches nowadays. There is a good mix of the urban as well as rural. As in the beach is far enough from the crowds, to be a peaceful location, but near enough to the action. This is in the nature of a pleasing balance. You can people watch without having an overload.

There are a huge number of amenities as well as attractions that are tailor made for visitors. There are enough secluded locations within the beach where you can head to when you feel the need to get away from the crowds. There is something that will appeal to everyone on this beach.

There are a good number of hotels and resorts that have sprung up in thelocality so as to cater to the increasing demand from tourists for quality accommodation. Several hotel options are located not far from the beach, and you can select from the various quality options.