Caribbean honeymoon destinations

There are not many destinations on earth that seem to be tailor made for honeymooners, but the Caribbean is certainly one of them.

With some heavenly landscapes, picture perfect beaches with pristine white sands and crystal clear waters, the all year round sun, the deep forests, the varied island cultures, there is no dearth of quality in Caribbean honeymoon destinations.

The Caribbean is also home to some of the best resorts in the world that are renowned for their luxury. Also the sheer versatility of the locations makes for a good number of choices.

Top Caribbean Honeymoon destinations –

Let us look at the main Caribbean honeymoon destinations –

Anguilla . . .

Anguilla is one of the most popular Caribbean honeymoon destinations. You can choose among the thirty three beaches here, all of the exquisite. There are some attractions related to history and culture as well.

Anguilla Island Harbour

Visit the historical landmarks and the various art galleries here, plus engage in a whole lot of activities from the extensive list on offer, such as sailing, snorkeling, riding, surfing and so on. Just lying on the beach and taking in some sun is not a bad option either.

Aruba . . .

Aruba has the best of what the Caribbean and Latin America has on offer – both the laid back atmosphere as well as the sheer sensuality. The island is placed right off the Puerto Rican coast, and is so much the richer for it in terms of nightlife.

aruba beach

Aruba Island is also famous for its Latin salsa entertainment. Aruba is a great destination even if you are not into dancing, but is simply amazing if you are, and the best place to get into dancing.

The Bahamas . . .

There are seven hundred islands that are part of the Bahamas. The islands have always been topmost Caribbean honeymoon destinations. There are islands such as Conception Island and Rum Cay that seem to suggest immense potential in their names itself. A good degree of privacy too is ensured.

bahamas beach

Barbados . . .

You can get married quite easily in Barbados. The island recently made some relaxations in its wedding requirements. There are also a good number of excellent wedding venues; actually your imagination is the limit, such as under a coconut palm, in a stately plantation building or even a boat.

The island has always been popular with the British, and now is increasingly attracting the attention of the Americans and the rest of the world as well. There are a good number of top hotels and resorts here that are popular with honeymooners and offer excellent packages.

barbados beach