Caneel Bay Resort

The Caneel Bay Resort is situated on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is located on a 170 acre peninsula adjoining the luxuriant beauty of the National Park of Virgin Islands and 7 exotic beaches. This Caribbean hideaway was discovered by Laurence Rockefeller while on a sailing trip with his family.

This resort is accessible only by ferry or boat, and the virgin beaches are among the best in the world. Laurence Rockefeller being an environmentalist himself, was dedicated to creating a resort destination that is in harmony with the natural environment.

Caneel Bay Resort - St. JohnCaneel Bay resort was opened on 01st December in 1956, and since the inception, it has remained faithful to Laurence Rockefeller’s dream of owning a resort preserving its pristine natural settings. The Caneel Bay is a very rare destination where guests could find a retreat away from stress and distractions of their daily lives. It is a place to truly “Unplug”, as guest rooms are free of telephones and televisions. It is an ideal destination for making new memories, whether you are on a family vacation with your loved ones or on a long overdue romantic getaway.

Currently, Caneel Bay is among the few marine environments within the National Park System in the US. This resort is home to a variety of wildlife, colorful coral reefs and exotic underwater life. Turtles and dolphins are freely roaming in their natural habitats while guests can explore the pristine natural surroundings of the resort.

Guest Rooms

Caneel Bay Resort - St. JohnThe Caneel Bay resort is equipped with 166 charming and luxurious accommodations, which are surrounded by lush foliage and pristine beaches, facing the Caribbean sea. The resort is a ideal place to relax and unplug from all digital distractions, in keeping with the grand vision of its founder – Laurence Rockefeller.

The rooms in the resort are free from televisions and telephones, and the designs are basically native which are equipped with Caribbean stones, natural woods, handcrafted furnishings, richly textured fabrics and commissioned artwork.


Caneel Bay ResortThe idea in developing Caneel Bay resort was to celebrate the pristine beauty while indulging in simple pleasures. The spotlight of the indoor and outdoor experiences are the uninterrupted views of the resort’s landscaped grounds and the Caribbean sea. Private balconies and terraces are located in such a way that these views are readily available to all the guests.

The ceiling fans are in tandem with the Caribbean breezes while the plush bathrobes, designer bath products and the well stocked minibars are all geared towards complete rest and relaxation.

Caneel Bay Beaches

Caneel Bay is home to seven of the best exotic, sun-soaked beaches in the world. The guests could enjoy one beach per each day of the week.

Scott – If you want to watch the turtles munching on sea grass, you must take a casual walk along the white sandy shores of the Scott Beach. The waters are gentle and ideal for water rafting.

Paradise – Nestled at the end of Cottage Point, just prior to Scott beach, the Paradise beach is ideal to relax in a serene environment. It is a miniature heaven to the guests.

Turtle Bay – Located below the Turtle Bay Estate House, the Turtle Bay beach is an ideal destination for snorkeling.

Caneel Bay – The most popular beach on the Island. Caneel Bay is ideal for adventurous activities such as Sunfish sailboats, sea kayaks and paddle boards.

Hawksnest – The shores of Hawknest Harbor’s expansive bay are home to numerous alluring beaches. It is the first beach to catch the sunshine in the morning and offers a quiet shady environment in the afternoons. The beach is ideal for snorkeling adventures.

Honeymoon – There is endless perfect sand as you stroll along the shore without any distractions. It is located at the westernmost end of the resort. Ideal for snorkeling.

Little Caneel – This tiny spot is located just west of the dock. It is perfect to study the boats in the harbor while you relax.

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