Cancun Tours: from Jungle Adventure Tours to Chichen Itza Bus Tours

The coastal city of Cancun, Mexico is rife with ancient history and divine adventure. Whether vacationers come to shop or to explore Mayan ruins, there is a fitting tour that will accommodate their needs. Quick cruise ship pit-stop tours are perfectly acceptable. Guides are ready to assist anyone who prefers to take full advantage of all that Cancun has to offer. After all, they know their way around better than anyone.

Cancun Vista Jungle Jeep Adventure Tour

Accompanied by a bilingual guide, accelerate through the Yucatan Jungle. Spot vicious crocs and other wild fauna until you reach the pleasantly underdeveloped village of Puerto Morelos. See a wildlife preserve called Crococun and visit the local zoo. Take this chance to swim in an underground sinkhole. A beach buffet is even included in this incredible package! Drivers must be licensed, at least 18 years old, and able to handle a manual Jeep. There is no age requirement for passengers. Four people are assigned to each vehicle.

Chichen Itza Public or Private Bus Tour by Entertainment Plus

On the Yucatan Peninsula stands Chichen Itza, the most awe-striking of all Mayan cities. It gets the most foot traffic due to attractions like the pyramid of Kukulcan and an ancient sport court. With steps that represent the days of our modern calendar precisely, Kukulcan is a sight to behold. Even more surprising is the court, where mere whispers can be heard from great distances. Entertainment Plus provides a driver and an air conditioned vehicle, which absolutely must be insured. It does not cover the services of a tour guide at Chichen Itza. Pick-up and drop-off are in front of your hotel.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

Grey Line Shopping Tour

A guided tour of shopping hotspots, from bustling Market 28 to Luxury Ave, will lead to literally hundreds of stores. Specialties range from hand crafted souvenirs to designer purses. Vendors at Market 28 haggle all day; never heed to the marked price of an item. Create an itinerary and enjoy five hours being escorted by an expert in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle. If staying in a condo, make sure to stop at a grocery store and stock up or learn where the best restaurants in the area are. Children can tag along for free! Bring cash as some places won’t accept credit cards, and remember that many also refuse hundred dollar bills.

Sometimes tour guides won’t have any openings for walk-ins. Cancun gets busiest from January to March, so during those months, it’s especially crucial to plan ahead. There is no need to worry if plans change after booking a reservation. Though most tours must be booked far in advance, companies often offer refunds of ninety-five percent or more if cancellation occurs at least 24 hours before departure.