Bougainvillea Beach resort

The Bougainvillea is a beautiful flower that is common to the landscape at Barbados. The Bougainvillea Beach Resort is named after the flower, and has a good number of similarities in beauty with it. The Ocean front resort has only suites, and is a modern accommodation option in the Caribbean. The resort here is contemporary in design, and there are elements that bring to mind Mediterranean style in the various locations within the resort.

There are a whole number of excellent hotels and resorts here, but the Bougainvillea beach resort enjoys a position of repute among hotels and resorts here because of the remarkable blend of hospitality provided. The hotel is famed for the impeccable service on offer, the great provisions for luxury, personalized attention, and the meticulous and painstaking attention that is devoted here in the name of minute details.

The Bougainvillea beach resort has an incomparable setting right at the beach. The setting here is tranquil, and there is a lot of peace and quiet on offer. However, the hotel is close enough to all the happening spots, and the action offered by the South Coast of Barbados.

The accommodations on offer here are top class, and have a number of provisions made for comfort and looks. There has been no compromise made with respect to comforts, nor of aesthetics. The decor is chic, and tasteful, with no gaudy showiness. The entire effect is one of understated elegance, and there is no dearth to quality amenities here. There have been a number of quality facilities on offer here. There are a whole range of facilities on offer here that have been custom made for the ultimate convenience of the guests.

The Bougainvillea Beach Resort has a total of a hundred and thirty eight well furnished rooms that have elegant fittings in colors that are typically Caribbean. There are a whole lot of factors that give off a feeling of utmost luxury and comfort, – the spacious and airy rooms, the kitchens, the exclusive balconies and terraces and many others.

There are a range of categories for suites and these start from Studios, to 2 bed room beach front luxury suites. There are free form pools that have waterfalls with lush green landscapes. There are Lounge seats at the deck located pool side. There is one lap pool, 2 free form pools, as well as 2 mini pools for children to wade in.

Contact details

Bougainvillea Beach Resort

Maxwell Coast Road,

Christ Church, Barbados

Telephone : ( 2 4 6 ) 4 1 8 – 0 9 9 0

Fax: ( 2 4 6 ) 4 2 8 – 2 5 2 4

Telephone: ( 2 4 6 ) 4 1 8 – 0 9 9 0
USA and CANADA Toll Free

1 – 8 0 0 – 4 9 5 – 1 8 5 8