Best Caribbean islands to party

The Caribbean, with its well developed tourist infrastructure as well as culture, is among the top most travel destinations in the world. There are close to millions of travelers that come here in on a yearly basis. These regions are the most popular in the winter, when it is cold in the Americas and Europe. The Caribbean region has close to 50 destinations unique in themselves. The attractions held by the islands in the Caribbean are several; many visit the islands for the beaches, the natural beauty, the unique island lifestyle as well as the exciting nightlife.

The young population generally likes to head to the islands that are known to be pulsating nightlife spots. Where the nightlife is good, it is extremely so, in the best Caribbean islands, there is a whole range of night clubs, discotheques and assorted entertainment spots. The nightlife has attracted its share of tourist crowds, that too in large numbers, especially from the younger crowds. The following islands in the Caribbean are renowned for the party culture as well as the pulsating rave as well as nightlife.

Barbados coast

Barbados coast

The best Caribbean islands with respect to nightlife are as follows.

Netherlands Antilles

The Netherlands Antilles, although minuscule in size, have an extremely hip nightlife scene. The island is famous as a center for some of the most happening Rave parties and events ever. The parties attract numerous young people from around the world who come from around the planet to have fun. The beaches are generally the venues for the parties, although hotels and resorts are also usual locations. These parties are certainly not easy on the pocket, if you are on a budget, and some of the events are high profile, and do not allow tourists in.

St Lucia

St Lucia has been among the best Caribbean islands in terms of party scenes, and the nightlife here caters to all age groups. There are theme nights which have celebrity DJs and live performances. There are toned down night clubs as well that look for older crowds.


Barbados has been referred to as the nightlife headquarters of the Caribbean, and the size of the island certainly gives a lot of opportunities for happening nightlife scenes. Barbados is not all night clubs and discos, the local ethnic groups and tribes know how to live it up as well. There are dances and parties, where the merriment goes on till the wee hours.