Best Caribbean beaches for senior travelers

The parade of beaches in the Caribbean is almost limitless. For some seniors, a good beach can mean one that is a little more relaxed and perhaps not as crowded. Obviously, for others, they feel good and want some action going on around them. So, with that in mind, two distinct types of beaches need to be considered.

For those seeking relaxed beaches, start by taking a cruise that stops on a private island. These beaches will only be populated with the cruise ship passengers. Rarely does more than one ship go to an island at a time. This means that you will have access to a beach that is perhaps three fourths of a mile long and a hundred or so feet wide that covered in soft white sand and gently slopes into the sea.

You will share this beach with less than 2,000 people in most cases. That may sound like a lot, but many popular beaches can have five times that number in less space. Because of this, you can usually find your own area away from the crush of people. While you can only spend the six or so hours there that the cruise allows, it will be the most relaxing day of the cruise.

Grand Cayman beach

Grand Cayman beach

The Grand Caymans offer some of the most famous beaches in the world. In spite of the number of people who head there, if you will talk to the natives, there are uncrowded beaches to be found. With a little effort, you can usually score time at a private beach at some of the resorts. Or, you could just book yourself into an all-inclusive resort and enjoy the beaches without having to do any work.

Any of the Virgin Islands like St. Thomas or St. Maartens will give you a great beach that is not generally overly crowded. Many of the all-inclusive resorts on any of the Caribbean destinations have great beaches and will advise you of the atmosphere of their resort.

For those wanting a little more of the bump and jostle of a crowded beach, just pick any of the hot resorts, and you will not be disappointed. Jamaica has several interesting choices with rum being the drink of choice. Places like Cancun, Mexico, will give you a lot of after hours excitement. Several of the more popular areas in the Bahamas will give you some exciting beach action.