Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Peoples young and old, kids and adults naturally fall in love with beaches. There are lovely beaches across the world. Feeling of sand in between your toes, cool waters, trees, sun, views of the horizon, spectacular sun sets and fresh smell of beaches and sands along with the crests and troughs of the sea is a real beautiful experience for any person.

Costa Rica has the most breathtaking beautiful beaches. National Park of Costa Rica, The Manuel Antonio even has an attractive beach. Tamarindo in Costa Rica also has combination of tremendous beaches and luxurious hotels. One can have exotic experience of candle light dinners in the beaches. Some of the other beaches in Costa Rica are as follows.

These beaches also have many beach vacation properties that can also be used exquisitely for honeymoon vacations. Manzanillo beach is the most popular and famous in Costa Rica. One can find coral reefs near the beaches.


Unique house of 1700s is known, as Montezuma Garden Beach is located near the beach side of Playa Cedro. The beach is a scenic beauty with forestry of bananas and mango trees. There are beachfront a property like Bamboo Beach Garden in Santa Teresa where high waves can be experienced and is suitable for surfing, Villas Hermosa beach front Hotel in Playa Hermosa consisting of cascading waterfall and swimming pool with bluish water and Mal Pias beach home offers picturesque beach view.

Anyone if they visit Costa Rica once cannot think of leaving the magnificent beaches of Costa Rica even for one second. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and people should not forego at any cost. People can enjoy their honeymoon or reunions or with their family or kids spending there time happily in any of the beaches. Costa Rica is also famous for many historical museums near its famous beaches.