Bermuda Vacations

Bermuda is among the most rewarding destinations in the Caribbean, ( although not technically part of the Caribbean ) and there is no dearth to quality attractions here. The beaches here are some of the most beautiful, the pristine sands and crystal clear waters here make for some heavenly beach experiences. There is a whole number of refreshing attractions; the local culture is also something that is very much interesting to get a glimpse of. There is a whole number of varied destinations here, and Bermuda vacations are known for their delightful blends of culture, nature, and entertainment.

Bermuda vacations are certainly filed with all the staple attractions such as beautiful beaches and entertainment, but this is certainly not the end of the story. There are a whole lot of other rewarding attractions as well that are offered by Bermuda. There are a whole range of excellent locales here. There are a number of attractions that are extremely interesting from both cultural and historical point of view. The pristine beaches here are definitely worthwhile, nut this is not it. There are a whole range of unique sights that will make you Bermuda vacations a whole lot more special.

Bermuda vacations

Bermuda vacations

St Peter’s Church is the very destination to head to once you desires a break from the beaches. The church is among the oldest structures here. The church goes back to almost four centuries, and is built in cedar. The top of the tower can be reached by climbing a total of a hundred and fifty seven steps to the top. There are a whole range of spectacular ocean views on offer from here. There are a range of excellent destinations here as well.

The Crystal Cave is an adventurous destination, and is filled with delicate stalagmites and stalactites. One way to remember which is which exactly, is to use this trick, stalactites have to hold on “tight” to the ceiling, while stalagmites “might” grow up to reach the ceiling. There is a cave pool here as well that is so crystal clear that the bottom of the lake can be seen, along with formations. The lake is close to fifty five feet. There is a whole range of excellent destinations here.

The Blue Hole Park is a twelve acre nature reserve that is another worthy destination. There is a whole number of excellent sights related to nature here that the park is a naturalists oasis.