Bermuda Resorts

Heading to this North Atlantic island will always be a total replete of fond memories when you do not forget to spend it in any of their beaches. There are some that are still freely open to the public but most have been developed into Bermuda resorts which are much more a treat since it means more amenities, to the point that you will truly get the value for your money.

Here is a taste of some of the Bermuda resorts that you would all crave to visit. You can visit our booking page for a complete list or you might just immediately want to have a reservation before anybody does.

Bermuda beach

Ariel Sands grants a mesmerizing escapade on a very intimate scale. This among the Bermuda resorts that is a member of the island’s top small hotels and cottage colonies. In 2003, Ariel Sands was recognized for its dedication by being nominated in the Conde Nasts Johanses award for Most Outstanding Hotel. On the same year, their native restaurant, Aqua, bagged 2 medals from the best Best of Bermuda Gold Awards. The year before that, they were included in Travel and Leisure’s World’s Best Awards.

Elbow Beach was established since 1908 as the largest of its kind in the island who has played a major role in the industry of tourism. It is an inventive blend of resort hotel and cottage colony where it offers a wide array of accommodations. Elbow Beach have 138 sophisticated suites that suggest the luxury of the past. They also have 96 spacious garden villas that stretch to about 50 acres of land. It is strategically located on the south shore of wide expanse of subtle pink hue sands in Paget.

Grotto Bay is nestled in a 21 acres landscape that provides an amazing ocean- front ground. Their manicured estate features three private beaches and some of the island’s most guarded sea waters. Grotto Bay is the only among the rest that offers a two explorations to a 500, 000 year old underground cave where you can take pleasure in swimming. They have about 201 newly- renovated rooms including three suites all having its own terrace. It is conveniently a short distance to attractions such as Crystal Caves, Swizzle Inn and Bermuda Perfumery.

Grotto Bay Beach

Grotto Bay Beach

Surf Side spells a unique haven where you will never fail to miss the vista right before you very eyes. This among the Bermuda resorts that has all the services of a star- rated hotel that has bistro, salon, bar and spa. They have very homey and comfy appartments that are all snuggled in natural cliffside verandas and gardens that welcomes to a private beach. This is definitely within easy reach for shopping and business as well as other activities in your itinerary.