Bermuda Beaches

If you are in for an unforgettable summer getaway where you will be transported to a paradise and not just conceived in your imaginations, then Bermuda beaches will give more meaning to that getaway. Beautiful is even an understatement to describe Bermuda beaches. Naturally, their sands are tinged with a subtle pink shade that tickles your feet as you go barefooted. Watching the sunrise will be an added treat. You will surely have a great vista where it is also a breathtaking haven for every photographer.

Here is a glimpse of some of the most notable Bermuda beaches. Since there’s a lot encircling the island, a chosen few will be featured.

Warwick Long Bay is considered to be the mostly easterly in the South Shore Park. This is among the Bermuda beaches that have 1 kilometer of uninterrupted powdery white sands. It may be heavily exposed to Southern winds but the waves in Warwick Long Bay are generally temperate since there is a reef located nearby. (Address: Off South Road, Warwick Parish)

Horseshoe Bay is arguably the most dazzling among all the other stretches in the surrounding. It obtained its name from its sands that are formed akin to a horseshoe. Boasting for more facilities, Horseshoe Bay serves a wide variety of cold beverages and grilled munchies. There are also renting stalls for snorkeling equipments, beach chairs and diving gears. (Address: Horseshoe Road, Off South Road, Southampton Parish)

Jobson Cove is the most favored by the locals due to the sands in a small inlet that is almost entirely covered by cliffs and divided from the open sea. The Jobson Cove is guarded from the ocean as its sparkling lucid waters are tremendously gentle. It is shallow in a lot of its areas so it is ideal for your family to discover the colorful marine life. (Address: Off South Road, Warwick Parish) Chaplin Bay is diminutive and tranquil where you can hardly see a lot of people. However, if it is Canada Day, you will surely have a handful of companions because it is where they gather to hold their activities. Chaplin Bay is the ultimate venue for relaxation as you enjoy the winds and feast on a good book while sitting comfortably on the sands. (Address: Off South Road, Southampton Parish)

Somerset Long Bay is one of the Bermuda beaches that have a lenghty expanse of captivating sands. Its waters are not really deep as it only remains 100 yards from the shoreline offering excellent opportunities to look into the abundance of their aquatic sanctuary. The adjacent area of the Somerset Long Bay has restrooms as well as huge grassy portion with picnic tables. It also has a nature reserve which was formerly a garbage dump but was developed by the Bermuda Audubon Society. Now, it already has a freshwater pond and wetland habitat. (Address: Somerset Long Bay Park, Cambridge Road, Sandys Parish).