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Welcome to the Barbados Resorts section. This welcoming, authentic Caribbean experience awaits. You will find a number or Barbados resort reviews after a brief exploration of the island. Another small island, only 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, is packed full of excitment. During the day there are plenty of acitivities as well as art and history to enjoy. Once the sun sets the island comes alive with fantastic music ranging from calypso to reggae, nightlife and excellent restaurants. The people of Barbados are one of the main reasons why so many visitors keep coming back again and again. Barbadians, more commonly known as Bajans, are a warm hospitable people. They make you feel welcome and special by greeting you with a sincere smile. No wonder they inspired the phrase: “A little harder to get to. A whole lot harder to leave.”

Barbados Beach All Inclusive ResortAlong the western coast you will find powdery-soft beaches on the Caribbean sea. This is where the majority of Barbados resorts are found and where most visitors stay. This area is nicknamed the Platinum Coast and is where some of the world’s most sophisticated, celebrity magnet hotels, villas and restaurants are located. There are also a wide variety of down to earth Barbados resorts and eateries to enjoy. The Platinum Coast is where the capital city of Bridgetown is located and is also home to St. Lawrence Gap, a hub of nightlife and lively dining options. The northeasts craggy and hilly landscape that has been pushed and folded by the sea over many eons is known as “The Scotland District” and is home to the island’s black bellied sheep. The east is made up of steep cliffes and the many beaches of the Atlantic Coast and is favoured by skilled surfers and windsurfers as it is often subjected to rough surf and winds.

Activities offered by some Barbados resorts are Kite surfing, kayaking, fishing and diving where you will encounter stingrays, manta rays, Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles. Special cruises are avalable to take you to swim among them as they feed along the reefs. While you are near the water you may see the Barbados famous flying fish, which appears to fly as they leap and soar away from predators. The most popular land based pastimes include horse racing and polo. There are also several championship golf courses and mountain biking trials.

Grand Barbados Beach ResortWhile in Barbados you must experience the Friday night Oistins Fish Fry. You’ll enjoy trying the fried flying fish, grilled dolpin fish and other seafood prepared and sold by vendors along the waterfront while mingling with locals and other visitors. As the night goes on, music and dancing kick it up a notch. A visit to Mount Gay Rum Estate, which is one of the oldest rum producers in the world, is also a must do. They offer tours and tastings of their award winning rums.

It is easy to see the British roots in Barbados. Take their passion for cricket, which is the national sport, the afternoon tea served in either a formal or poolside setting and the Parliment Buildings, the 3rd oldest in the Commonwealth, in Bridgetown overlooking a statue of Lord Nelson. Also take their friendly pubs and rum houses and it is easy to understand why Barbados is often referred to as “Little England”.

The heritage of the Bajan people is embodied in some of the attractions around the island. The Sudbury Plantation House dates back 3 centuries. It’s one of several grand plantation manors still standing on the island. Here you will learn of Barbados’ sugar plantation days. At the Chattel House Shopping Village you will see an example of the brightly painted one-room “mobile homes” that freed the slaves and plantation workers. They would move these homes as they would move from job to job. In the summer make sure to catch the Crop Over, five weeks of Carnival like parades, calypso music competitions and other festivities celebrating the end of the sugarcane harvest.

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