Bahamas holidays – Dive Dive and Dive

Bahamas islands are home to some of the most rewarding dive sites in the Caribbean, if not the world. There are a good number of sites here that can be dived in by most skill and experience levels. Wreck diving is the prominent aspect of Bahamas holidays, as the waters around the island is filled with an array of wrecks, there are a number of actual ships as well as a fair number of artificial scuttled ship dive sites. The plethora of wreck dives make for an adventurous and challenging dive experience. Seeing the marine life inhabiting the insides of the ships is a heavenly experience. Bahamas Holidays are the best way to appreciate the Diving here.

Bahamas islands consist of an island group that has more than seven hundred islands dotting the turquoise sea. The area has been described as among the most rewarding diving locations in te world. There are a good number of excellent dive sites here. There are a majority of wreck dive sites here, a variety of wrecks that are suited for all skill levels. There are also a good number of historically significant wrecks as well. There are a great number of marine creatures here that are vibrantly colored. While having Bahamas holidays, one should never miss the diving.

Why are there so Many Wrecks?

The Bahamas, with its clustered coral reefs have been the bane of numerous sea faring vessels for centuries, and a number ships have sunk here. This route was actually a busy trade route that was frequented by a good number of ships that arranged from Spanish galleons, pirate vessels, steam boats, and many others. There are a whole range of wrecks here, an extremely diverse lot.


Nassau is the capital of the islands, and is the very location that is extremely suited as a base for your explorations. There is a whole number for attractions here that make for a rewarding holiday. There are numerous dive sites here, and a good number of wreck d9ive sites. There are a number of excellent sites that are significant from a historical point of view. There is a whole number of locations here. Chief among these is the Willaurie, which sunk in the year 1989. The hundred and thirty foot vessel is beneath fifty five fee of water. There is no dearth to attractions here.