Anguilla, a Tiny Piece of Paradise

Anguilla is a minuscule island which lies in the northeast tip of the Caribbean Sea. Anguilla is a British overseas territory and is one of the northernmost islands part of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. The island capital is The Valley. It is in the vicinity of St Martin ( which is to its south) and the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to its West. The isle has more than 30 beaches, and these are some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean and have pristine pure white sands and crystal clear azure waters. Continue reading “Anguilla, a Tiny Piece of Paradise” »

Dominican Republic Resorts

What is better than spending your vacation in the Caribbean? Of course, being there and spending less. The Dominican Republic has become one of the most-visited places in the Caribbean. The numerous all-inclusive Dominican Republic resorts have been the major crowd-drawers. The country’s economy has increased with the development in its tourism industry. Continue reading “Dominican Republic Resorts” »

Dominican Republic Beaches

The Dominican Republic spells B-E-A-C-H-E-S. Ask any beach bum and he would know why. Dominican Republic beaches are some of the world’s best. This Caribbean island has several miles of white sand beaches, clear ocean waters, and amazing rows of palm trees dotting the shoreline.

Even if the major resort area is fairly deserted, it does not mean that the Dominican Republic beaches are not worth visiting. Actually, tourism has always been focused on other Caribbean islands which accounts for the absence of crowds on most of the Dominican Republic beaches. Furthermore, there are strict laws that are monitoring activities like building infrastructure on the beachfront, to preserve their natural charm and beauty. Continue reading “Dominican Republic Beaches” »

Fallen Stones Butterfly Ranch & Jungle Lodge

Many years ago, a mother took her eight year-old son to the British Museum. The moment he saw the butterfly collection, his life was changed forever. His immediate fascination with these delicate, beautiful creations of nature eventually brought him to the rainforests of Belize, where Ray Harberd realized his dream of building a butterfly ranch. Along with his partner, they later built the lodge to accommodate visitors who came to see the butterflies, and also to make the ranch a more viable operation. Continue reading “Fallen Stones Butterfly Ranch & Jungle Lodge” »

All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Rico

Any vacationer searching for a fresh vacation spot needs to think about Puerto Rico. There are many activities that can be done on this island that any visitor can enjoy. There are even a couple Puerto Rico all-inclusive resorts that travelers can check into. These types of resorts involve charging one price that covers everything from the food to the accommodations to the activities. They have numerous benefits to being booked then the standard hotels. Continue reading “All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Rico” »

Bahamas Honeymoon Packages

A vacation in the Caribbean is an experience that is incomparable, so why not celebrate the best moments of your life here. A Bahamas honeymoon will take your relationship to new heights.

There is no better place to get married and spend a honeymoon in. There are a huge number of top class resorts and hotels here that have a good range of amenities and facilities on offer. There are some excellent honey moon packages offered as well. Continue reading “Bahamas Honeymoon Packages” »