Finding kid-friendly all-inclusive Caribbean vacation packages

Blend in with vivid sea life along beautiful reefs or rock to the rhythm of the tropics in lush surroundings among a colorfully diverse combo of cultural influences of Spanish, Dutch, French or British. You can achieve your ideal tan on miles of powder pink sand beaches with safe, shallow waters, discover elegant sugar plantation houses, break the bank at the casino and splash with sea-life encounters with dolphins, it is the place to be. It’s special; it’s the Caribbean! Continue reading “Finding kid-friendly all-inclusive Caribbean vacation packages” »

Cancun Tours: from Jungle Adventure Tours to Chichen Itza Bus Tours

The coastal city of Cancun, Mexico is rife with ancient history and divine adventure. Whether vacationers come to shop or to explore Mayan ruins, there is a fitting tour that will accommodate their needs. Quick cruise ship pit-stop tours are perfectly acceptable. Guides are ready to assist anyone who prefers to take full advantage of all that Cancun has to offer. After all, they know their way around better than anyone. Continue reading “Cancun Tours: from Jungle Adventure Tours to Chichen Itza Bus Tours” »

San Juan, Puerto Rico Family Vacation Ideas & Family-Friendly Resorts and Hotels

If your family has a case of the winter blues, take a vacation to sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. Though this tropical island is just 35 miles wide and 100 feet long, the capital city contains more than enough attractions to keep the whole family busy. Learn about the island’s rich history – from the native Taino to the Spanish colonials to modern day — or experience colorful Puerto Rican culture at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. This national museum holds more than 1,100 paintings, sculptures and works of art dating from the 1600s to today. And, of course, don’t forget those sunny, sandy Puerto Rican beaches. Several resorts offer family-friendly, inclusive packages. Continue reading “San Juan, Puerto Rico Family Vacation Ideas & Family-Friendly Resorts and Hotels” »

Scuba Diving at Mona Island

Among scuba divers, Puerto Rico is often overshadowed by the other islands of the Caribbean, such as the Bahamas, Bonaire or Grand Cayman. Yet Puerto Rico includes Mona Island, the gem of a chain of small islands known as “The Galapagos of the Caribbean” for their rich and diverse ecosystems on both land and sea. Both Mona and its neighbors are protected as a nature reserve, and Mona lies 50 miles from the west coast of Puerto Rico, two conditions that combine to ensure that Mona Island retains a relatively pristine underwater environment teeming with colorful corals and thick schools of tropical fish. Continue reading “Scuba Diving at Mona Island” »

Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Budget Friendly Travel Options

Jamaica is a beautiful island rich in culture and activities. The locals are for the most part, very friendly and the many outdoor shops provide inexpensive locales to get a taste of culture to bring home with you. There are so many places to see in Jamaica and so many things to do, especially for the budget minded traveler. Continue reading “Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Budget Friendly Travel Options” »

Hotel Guanahani and Spa, St. Barthelemy

Nestled in Anse de Toiny at the tip of the Grand Cul de Sac Bay, Hotel Guanahani is an enticing haven of luxury overlooking the Marigot Bay and facing the Atlantic. This beachfront hotel is accessible in just 10 minutes from the airport of St. Barthelemy. Hotel Guanahani looks over two white sand beaches of which one features the silent waters of the reef-protected bay, while the other is on the ocean side. So, you are offered the best locations here for all enjoying all kinds of water sports. Continue reading “Hotel Guanahani and Spa, St. Barthelemy” »

Rosewood Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen

Welcome to the Playa del Carmen Rosewood hotel and spa! The Mexican wild as well as sleek fairways render this Rosewood hotel a colorful artwork of sparkling blues and natural greens. Among the other luxurious hotels in this majestic zone of Mayan Riviera, the Rosewood Mayakoba is stands out because of its outstanding service level. Continue reading “Rosewood Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen” »

Hotel Si Como No, Puntarenas

For those who have visited the Manuel Antonio National Park, Hotel Si Como No is the ideal eco-friendly destination; but for those who are unaware of it, this hotel is among the most famous boutique as well as eco hotels of Costa Rica. This central-Pacific coastal hotel is located above the national park and is lushly flanked by the green hills making the retreat as the perfect wild sanctuary for the couples as well as families. Continue reading “Hotel Si Como No, Puntarenas” »

Casinos in the Caribbean: Top 5 Destinations

For the majority of people traveling to the Caribbean their primary reason for going is to relax and enjoy the sunshine. However what many of these people may not know is it some of the best casinos in the world can be found there as well. Let’s take a look at some of the top casinos that are located in the Caribbean. Continue reading “Casinos in the Caribbean: Top 5 Destinations” »

Beaches Turks and Caicos

Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort & Spa is the biggest resort hotel in the Turks and Caicos Islands and is one of the best options for families. The resort is owned and operated by the Beaches chain of hotels, but allows children as well.

There are a huge number of features that make the Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort & Spa hotel an exceedingly wonderful option if you are a family with children or teenagers. The range of facilities aimed at children and young adults number from the teen disco, the swim up soda bar, the water slides, the video game center and more. Continue reading “Beaches Turks and Caicos” »

Miramar Resort Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos are known world wide for their beautiful sights, and landscapes. The tropical islands are a British territory, and have pristine beaches. All around the world they are known as a hot spot for vacationers. Continue reading “Miramar Resort Turks and Caicos” »

Club Med Turks and Caicos

Picture the most beautiful beach and the most extravagant resort you could ever visit. Imagine arriving on the scene at Club Med Turks and Caicos and stepping onto the soft sand looking out over the beautiful turquoise waters. Now, what would you like to do first? Continue reading “Club Med Turks and Caicos” »

Sands At Grace Bay Resort

If you have ever dreamed about going to the Caribbean, then you should go now more than ever. Due to the world’s financial climate prices are lower than ever. One of the best places in the area is The Sands at Grace Bay. Continue reading “Sands At Grace Bay Resort” »

Why Choose Turks And Caicos All-Inclusive Family Vacations

If you are searching for the best, most comprehensive family vacation in an incredibly beautiful location, Turks and Caicos all-inclusive resorts could be the answer you are looking for.

Most visitors are drawn to the promise of sun, sand, and the extremely relaxing atmosphere of Turks and Caicos. However, thrill seekers also have many options such as some great diving sites like the Middle Caicos Caves, or the limestone swimming “Hole”. Continue reading “Why Choose Turks And Caicos All-Inclusive Family Vacations” »