Aloe House

Well, it’s true that island living is a bit more complicated than all those glossy brochures with their flowery language would lead you to believe. North Caicos Island, one of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is a real place, not some marketing fantasy. But the good news is that at Aloe House, we’ll do all those real-place activities so that you can enjoy the fantasy of a true island getaway.

If you want a remote, unspoiled vacation spot, the Turks and Caicos Islands are the place to look. The British crown colony is a cluster of islands just southeast of the farthest Bahama island and 90 miles north of Hispaniola. The chain is technically still in the south Atlantic, but it is ultimately Caribbean in its warm breezes, blue waters, lively reefs and beautiful beaches.

Beach House Turks and CaicosProvidenciales is the TCI place most tourists go, but if you want an “out island” experience, zoom in to North Caicos Island and Aloe House.

Aloe House is an overly fancy name for our vacation rental house, more usually referred to on-island as just Tom and Jody’s, or the tall yellow house. But when you book a vacation rental here, it’s your place: two bedrooms, an open and airy great room, ample modern kitchen, wraparound porch, stone patio with hammock.

Us? We have an apartment upstairs with a separate entrance. We won’t get in your way, but whenever you need us to answer questions, help you arrange an excursion or suggest activities, we’ll be there.

Our quiet beach is just 500 feet away, where if you meet three people it’s considered crowded. At this island getaway, there’s no lineup of beach chairs or beach vendors. North Caicos is unstructured, undeveloped, unplugged.

Join us for a week or two. Find your fantasy vacation on our real-life island.


Use of a pay-as-you-go cell phone
500 feet from beach Microwave, VCR, DVD, Cookware, Deck or Patio, Full Kitchen, Refrigerator, Linens, Washer/Dryer, Bikes, Grill, CD Player

Activities and Attractions
If doing nothing — or next to nothing — sounds good to you, this is your kind of place. Walk the beaches, swim, read, fish off the shore, bike around the island. If you’re more ambitious than that, you can rent a car or call Mack to take you around the island and to Wade’s Green, the ruins of an American Loyalist plantation that is now a National Historic Site. Also, there’s great snorkeling at Three Marys Cays, about five miles from the house. If you want to snorkel or fish from a boat, we can arrange something, given a bit of notice.