5 things about Puerto Plata Vacations that People Love

Many love Puerto Plata for their experiences there, and these five things are the most common reasons why;

  1. Wondrous beaches

It pretty much goes without stating, but this seaside region is blessed with the longest stretches involving unspoiled beaches within the Caribbean. The most commonly known of these may well be Playa Grande, just 15km east of Río San Juan. This is undoubtedly one of several country’s most stunning beaches – lengthy, broad and tawny, aquamarine sea on a single side and the thick line of palm trees on the opposite. Pearl white cliffs stick out in the horison. It’s the perfect setting for swimming, participating in water sports, or just laying on the beach.

Puerto Plata beach

  1. Beautiful outdoors

Once you’re adequately bronzed, you’re ready to turn your interest away from the coast. Puerto Plata’s interior provides magnificent landscapes as well as pursuits for just about all levels of skill. Mountain-biking tours vary from newbie level to incredibly challenging. Led outdoor hikes expose you to all of the area’s indigenous plants in addition to wildlife. And, for an additional excitement punch, experiment with discovering such sights as the twenty-seven waterfalls of Damajagua. Frequently referred to as ‘the greatest point in the DR’, the falls tend to be the splashy gemstone where one can jump from stone surfaces in to crystalline pools. (Instructions as well as basic safety gear tend to be supplied.)

Aerial tramway in Puerto Plata

  1. Exhilarating watersports

Simply basic old ‘surfing’ does not start to explain to the story. Puerto Plata’s sea breezes as well as mild swells have made them world famous for kiteboarding, wakeboarding as well as windsurfing – along with the vanilla range. Among the area’s most engaging cities, Cabarete, started existence like a simple farming town right up until it had been found by the windsurfing leader fewer than Thirty years back. What’s left is history: the whole region has become a leading drawcard with regard to surfers associated with just about all stripes and kinds.

  1. Nightlife

Puerto Plata’s bar and nightlife circuit is going to keep you talking for months. All the resorts have their own bars, most of which are open to all guests or those who have bought an all-day pass. The beach side clubbing spots on well into the late hours. If you are open to venture, you’ll find an array of nightclubs to fit your fancy!

  1. Luxurious Accommodations

Without any second guessing, one of the big reasons that visitors venture to Puerto Plata is the opportunity to relax at a discount. Booking an all-inclusive, high quality resort which might cost thousands at other locations can run as budget friendly as $200. Gourmet food is served daily, decedent and ultimately low cost. And all those little extras that make a vacation that much more fun – such as getting pampered at the spa – are offered for a sliver of what they would be priced for on the mainland.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic